Political T Shirts

Political T Shirts: I’m not big into politics, but I know some of you are, so here’s a collection of the best politics shirts you’re gonna find.

ben-franklin-rabbit-ears-mt-rushmore-tshirtBenjamin Franklin totally owns Teddy Roosevelt by sneaking in the picture and workin’ the rabbit ears and proving that he has cooties and perhaps even 27 degrees of nerdiness. Now, you can only see this view of Mt. Rushmore in the perfect storm of conditions. New moon. Under 28 degrees. Over 58% humidity and, of course, super-freakin’ high on acid tabs.

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LMAO Tshirt

by on December 12, 2008

I’m Laughing My Ass Off at the acronym play on this shirt LMAO, plus it triggers some Mao lyrics in songs I like, such as…

“I saw Chairman Mao kissing Santa Claus”

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20+ nuclear weapons tests on and around a little island in the Pacific. I call bullshit on that. I mean the bikini bathing suit was unveiled just prior to this mass radiation treatment. Talk about hardcore fundamental Christians wreaking the vengeance of the Lord on immodesty. Damn. I guess we’re lucky the fashion survived.

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Happy Election Day!!

Get out there and vote. Even if you have to do a write in candidate like Cartman or some shit you should get out there to the polling place and exert your democratic right and duty. Plus, if you prefer one candidate over another this voting this actually helps boost your preference in the final count, unless, of course, there are voting machine malfunctions, like when George Bush is in the running.

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McCain 1908 Tshirt

by on October 30, 2008

Very subtle. Very nice. McCain looks old, acts old and is old. And he doesn’t have a chance in this election. Let’s make fun of him from now ’til November. I can foresee getting three multi-step reactions to this tshirt when you are wearing it.

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You can’t be rash in these major decisions like voting for President of the United States. After all, the country has to live with the choice for four years, unless that President gets impeached for committing a litany of crimes against the state, destroying the constitution, and faking a reason to engage in never-ending war. Oh wait…

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You know Sarah Palin wishes this type of message was preached up there in Alaska, so that her life was a teensy bit less complicated, which in turn may have reduced the scrutiny of her personal life slightly less invasive.

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Vote or Don’t T Shirt

by on October 27, 2008

This is a very important shirt in this election year of our lord 2008. Of course, if you know the true story of bi-partisan politics in the US, where we’re simply serfs under the almighty reign of the Corporate Kings, then surely the implied apathy of this tshirt is quite apropos.

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Um. As far as throwing you for a loop tshirts go, this is a classic funny funny. I mean when you have the name Kate Beckinsale underneath a picture of Sam Adams, you’re asking for really funny stuff…especially when Mr. Adams is wearing a jock strap around his neck. Too hilarious. LMAO. ROTFL.

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George Bush and a chimp separated at birth. Actually, they were conjoined Siamese twins. Barbara and George Sr. have kept the whereabouts of the chimp under wraps all this time. Paparazzi…thank god for the paparazzi, snapped these candid shots so the truth is now beginning to trickle out.

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i-am-not-a-crookHamburglar and Richard Nixon had a lot in common. Both liked to eat burgers on the mall in front of the Washington monument, both, coincidentally, liked to wear black masks, and both graduated from Mount Holyoke College.

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My Marxist Feminist Dialectic Brings All the Boys to the Yard TshirtI was just thinking about her. Such a sweet girl. Full lips. Toned body. And that dialectic making us all tremble with desire. Yes, ma’am, we’ll take that message to the streets. Such hypnotic power, like staring into Prince’s eyes. You can’t go back. You’ll never be the same.

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