Libre means free in Spanish, but I don’t think that’s what Palmer Cash is getting at with this tee. I think they’re really conjuring up the magic of the Cuba Libre drink, which is, of course, rum and Coke. This Libre T Shirt may also be a shout out to a nice little island paradise that has many great things: music, cigars, rum, and many sucky things: Guantanamo Bay, Fidel Castros’ corpse.

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I have no idea what this means, but oh do I wish it was true, especially slumming it here in Milwaukee where there’s been 1 upper-70s day since Winter, and we’re rolling with a cold, wet, windy low-40s week.

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Apres Ski T Shirt

by on May 18, 2011

Not everybody is going to comprehend the main message of this shirt, because it is subtle. Basically, mustaches are power, especially when you’re talking about sexual attraction. The funny thing about the guy on the Apres Ski T Shirt is that this dude doesn’t even know how to ski. He just groomed his mustache, combed his hair, put on some cologne, and grabbed some skis, and the hottest girls flocked to him.

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That’s one of those reel-to-reel tape recorders. Old School for sure, but you definitely get a richer, more gritty sound, which may be what you’re after if you’re a musician that sweats and bleeds music, rather than molding plastic for demographic studying record execs.

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Hey, when you know you’re ready to get the thing underway, there’s no harm in letting everybody know about it. You know that feeling when you really have your shit together, like nothing can  stop you from your goals and that the journey will be fulfilling? Me neither, but rumor has it that if you where the All Systems Are Go T Shirt, you actually start to feel like that.

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PalmerCash is calling to you and they are saying we have t shirts and other good things that you need. Come visit and be impressed with our selection and our eclectic mix of random and licensed shirts. You’ll regret it. Actually, before you go, make sure to read the review I just posted of PalmerCash. Okey dokey. Have a good one.

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PalmerCash is a fairly well known retailer comparable to an Urban Outfitters…a hip, young shop with interesting apparel and knick knacks. Of course, as a reviewer of funny t shirts I’m concerned with the Palmer Cash catalog of tees, which is rich with weirdness and interesting concept and design.

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