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News T Shirts: As soon as the news hits tees get designed in this day and age. I try to keep up with the big news shirts here.

There are people that are horders or collectors or gotta have the latest and greatest gadget, gizmo, or in this case basketball kicks. Lebron is already droppin’ his South Beach shoe as the 8th in his Nike series.

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Apparently the dude was cheating for years and years and his mistress went to a vigil the same day the wife did, and the mistress was calling out his name, so she figured out something was funny. Though glad that he’s alive and well, she’s totally over him: Here’s how The Sun reported it:

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Wait! There were Mexican Pirates in a LAKE between Texas and Mexico. What? Wait! There’s water land locked water between Texas and Mexico. What?

My condolescences to the Hartley family, especially wife, Tiffany Hartley, but that story sounds like something you’d see in a Tim Burton movie or something. Fantastical and horrible.

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Cigar Guy T Shirt

by on October 6, 2010

Second Update: Now, we’re getting somewhere, actually capturing some of the magic. This Cigar Guy headshot features some of the best details.

Update: Here’s a t shirt featuring a cartoonishly buff Cigar Guy. Not sure I agree with the approach, since the outfit he had on and the particular way his hip juts out, and the hands in the pocket are much of what makes cigar guy, the cigar guy.

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Greg Giraldo RIP

by on September 29, 2010

So I’m following all these comedians on Twitter, and listening to their podcasts and not once do I ever hear about this dude Greg Giraldo, until he dies of an overdose. Bullshit. What was I supposed to be following Last Comic Standing?

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Best Penalty Kick Ever

by on September 28, 2010

This has nothing to do with funny t shirts, but it’s worth a post nonetheless. Not sure how I missed this earlier this month, but it is truly awesome. On a penalty kick the goalie guesses right, but forgets to take into account the phenomenon of back spin. I love the chest pounding celebration as the ball rolls in. Beautiful. Sorry I can’t tell you who’s playing. I think it’s the Moroccan League. Dig it:

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Katy Perry in Sexy Elmo T Shirt animated GIF. Wow!

Is that a funny t shirt? I guess if you have the entire back story, with Sesame Street shit canning a bit where Katy Perry and Elmo hang out, because Katy’s outfit is too risque, then the low cut Elmo t shirt with the bountiful cleavage does hit a pretty good comedy note.

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Impeach Wall Street T Shirt

by on September 18, 2010

This shirt speaks the truth. Obama is not the problem right now. Wall St. is. Of course, picking up Elizabeth Warren to clean some of that shit up is a pretty good move by the President and shows that he’s serious. He’s still crooked, but only three-fourths as everybody else up on that hill.

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Happy 1st Sunday of the NFL season day. This is like a major holiday for football fans. Now, let’s relate this important day in professional football to t shirts, because that’s what I do.

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I for one will not to sleep until I know what Sergey and Larry are up to regarding their balls. Some say it’s a celebration of the company’s birthday. And, to quote a line quoted in a Beastie Boys song, B-Boys Makin’ with the Freak Freak: “Shit, if this is gonna be that kind of party, I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes.”

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Some retard Florida preacher from Dove World Outreach Center wants to burn a pile of Korans or is it Qurans. Kind of makes the name of his org. kind of silly. Dove World Outreach Center sounds like you’re going to be tolerant and peaceful, and work to understand other cultures and religions, but instead Pastor Terry Jones is trying to catch some Internet buzz and perhaps a little segment on the nightly news. Would be good for business.

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from LA Times:

“No storm had threatened such a broad swath of the U.S. shoreline since Hurricane Bob in 1991, hurricane center spokesman Dennis Feltgen said.”

Dude, Earl is taking up some real estate. Not since Bob have we seen this type of broad swathing.

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