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Nerdy T Shirts: Any t-shirt that talks about nerdy stuff or uses the word nerd, has found it’s way here.

NASA Nerd T Shirt

by on June 7, 2011

That’s the NASA logo with the word Nerd in it. Are NASA people really nerds? I guess so. It feels like pilots maybe aren’t that nerdy, but I suppose scientists are. I have been reading James Michener’s Space for about 7 and a half months. I’m almost done! But, it’s a little bit of historical fiction covering the build up of the Space program. Kind of interesting.

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Got some meme action in terms of the nerd stuff. Got mathematics food wordplay with the pi as in delcious apple pie. And we have a little Star Wars reference. This Come to the Nerd Side We Have Pi T Shirt is a trifecta tee, which is very rare and should be treated with great care. Only the most confident people will have the courage to capture one of these fine garments and make it her own.

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I have no idea how Dungeons and Dragons works. All I know, when I was young my Christian parents thought it was of the devil, and that I should stay away from any kids that were playing it. I didn’t know if they were going to transform into hairy beasts and molest me, or if the devil was going to grab me by the ear and drag me straight to the seventh level of hell, and I didn’t want to find out. That’s why I’m still leary of even researching WTF this Nerdy Shirt -5 Charisma T Shirt even means.

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A nice play on the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan that was pumped out by the British Government in 1939, during WWII. The saying really seems to have had a resurgence these days, which may be due in part to the fact that the world is starting to rapidly fall apart ecologically and economically. And, maybe the only way to really get a little break from the harsh realities is to play video games.

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Nerd Ears T Shirt

by on May 12, 2011

Spectacularly weird shirt, featuring the distinctive ears of the Vulcan, the Elf, and the Nerd. The humor in this Nerd Ears T Shirt is that the nerd ear in a fake. It’s like a little waxy/plastic prosthetic that they just added to their regular ear to get a little more pointiness, so they can get some attention at Comic Con or their fat uncle’s funeral. If you wear the nerd ears or you just appreciate nerd culture, you surely are inclined to buy this shirt so that you can wear it in all its yellow glory.

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I like the mix of pens you have in in the pocket protector. Standard red and blue, but then you also have maybe a black pen with a finer point, and then of course you have one of those multicolored pens, which have always been my favorite. All the excellent options to choose from. Sometimes, actually, it’s almost paralyzing. You’re on the phone and somebody starts saying something that really should be written down but you can’t decide which color to do it in and eventually you end up losing your job, your house, your car and your family because of it. That’s the only bummer about the multi-colored pens.

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Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Exploding Dog’s work. That low design is on par with lo fi and I’m all over that. Distills it down to the essentials to the point where the design is so focused that the message lasers straight to your heart. And, this Escape T shirt is no different. Look how happy our protagonist is. He strapped this rocket to his back, which is, by no means, a sure thing. Many things can go wrong when you strap a rocket to your back and light the fuse. You could singe the hairs in your ass crack. Blow your legs off. But, this guy did it, because things were that bad, and it seems to be working out. He’s enjoying the view. The stars. Good for him. His ballsy move and adventuresome spirit has literally taken him far. It paid off.

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Nerd: I’m a N3rd T Shirt

by on February 16, 2011

Used to be this kind of public admittance of such a fact would make you an outcast for life, doomed to living in your mother’s basement with a wedgie that you were unable to extricate from your ass crack. Now, here we are in 2011, and you can call yourself a nerd using a “3” instead of an “e” and that’s like a battle cry. You are basically declaring yourself awesome, and people will either agree or disagree, but there’s no doubt that you’re not going to be picked on and shunned because of the admittance. You’re going to be taken seriously. Yes, people will want to test you and have you give proof that you really are indeed a nerd, because if it’s true, you’re on top of the social pyramid. Nerds rule the earth.

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ASCII Zebra T Shirt

by on January 31, 2011

You can’t see it in this image of the shirt, because I wanted to give you a female modeling the shirt, but that really is one of those ASCII art dealios, where people with way too much time on their hands create pieces of art with typing. There are capital I’s and 7’s and colons and those little squiggles, and equal signs, and  pluses and question marks. No lie. This probably took someone like 890 hours to figure out. Then Headline Shirts probably found it on the Internet and said “hey, cool and just copied and pasted and voila…cool ASCII Zebra T Shirt.

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I feel like geeks don’t wear the thick framed glasses, unless they’re being ironic, then I don’t think they can be considered geeks, so there’s a fundamental flaw with this shirt. However, I still think thee message is positive, which I’m all for, and I think other than the image, that it is accurate. Geeks are the new sexy. Zuckerberg is getting so much varied tail you can’t even fathom it. Sergey and Larry…forget about it. There’s a reason they were demanding king size beds in there private jets, and it ain’t because they were taking BIG naps. Those are little, geeky dudes.

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I like this one. It rhymes which is always a solid t shirt play in my mind. It’s brief, blunt and makes a very clear point. Of course, I think the message of the Words are for Nerds T shirt may be a little convoluted in this day and age, because nerd culture is now all online, digital, gaming, etc. You don’t think of nerds as book readers any more. Book readers are more like dinosaurs now.

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Hey you can go to different decades or even centuries and still be able to say Be Right Back, if you time machine is a Delorean and you’re awesome like Michael J. Fox. Of course, maybe you can’t be that confident if you’re going back into earlier times in your life, and there’s the possibility that you change things. Hell, the person you’re telling that you’ll be right back may not even live in the same town because of the shenanigans you pull in the past. That type of shit has massive ramifications. So, maybe this BRB T Shirt is totally inaccurate. And, maybe that’s why you want to buy it. It’s like if you’re a coin collector and you run into the wheat penny that actually has an image of a dude making the rock on sign with his right hand. They call that a defect and if there are only a few in the run then it is worth quite a bit more.

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