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Nerdy T Shirts: Any t-shirt that talks about nerdy stuff or uses the word nerd, has found it’s way here.

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Of course, Sheldon worked up a couple extra moves for rock, paper, scissors to give it a little more intrigue. That’s what smart weirdos with too much time on their hands do. Gotta get Star Trek and odd little creatures in the mix.

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Wow. For all you keyboardists out there, here’s a super nerdy offering from Snorg Tees. You see that escape key is on the top left of the keyword kitty corner to the exclamation mark key. So, when the escape key decides to grow and groom and waxy mustache and go a little crazy, the exclamation point does what it does…it exclaims.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

Nice work with the Kill Bill jump suit and sword and the 8-bit pixelly look. Of course, the word kung fu makes me laugh no matter what. I think it’s the way the word looks on screen and the way my tongue moves when I say it. Or something. Maybe it’s the chop chop movies where the baddest asses have strong kung fu that makes me smile with their dubbed voices and cartoon punch noises.

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Only nerds watch and enjoy Star Trek, and most of those nerds are proud of it, because the show sometimes gets deep, which is commendable even with the corny production values, and stiff acting. Actually, I don’t get it at all. The show is not compelling to me, except for maybe the tight jumpsuits.

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This may be because you’re smothering with your helpfulness, Mr. Paperclip. Sometimes people just need some space to work things out on their own without you sliding into the picture and acting all smug like you have the answers to everything. This is the reason nobody is concerned for your well being. You’re overbearing. Now you’re crying and rusting yourself and wetting the paper. That’s a mess and you’re falling down on your duty.

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You can’t get too many nerd shirts in your position, because if you are a nerd, now is the time in history to fly that flag high and proud, because nerds rule!!!! The nice touch on this Nerds 4 Ever T Shirt is the 2 squared equation, which gives it that little extra nerdly, mathematical cache, which is needed when you’re trying to stand out in the nerd shirt crowd.

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What we have here is an 8-bit mashup and some wordplay. First, you have the 8-bit heart. 8-bit is a meme that stands for the good old days…like putting an analog tape cassette on a t-shirt, or a rotary phone, or rule of law in the United States. Anyways, that’s piece number one to the mashup. Piece number two is the allusion to vampires. Love and biting is all up in ever True Blood and Twilight and all those vampire entertainment programs. Of course, the wordplay is spelling bites with a “y”, which helps usher in the 8-bit concept.

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Let’s go through this Things My Computer is Better At Than Me T Shirt. The computer is better at spelling, math, storing data, but you’re better at kickboxing. At least I hope you’re better than your computer at kickboxing, because if you weren’t either you have the most awesomest computer ever or you’re completely and utterly useless on a physical level.

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I do not get this. I’m on a computer all day every day. I live in my mom’s basement. I’m a hardcore Internet user, but I have no clue what this means. But, in the interest of doing the heavy lifting, so my readers can enjoy the fruits of my labor, I will go and figure out what this Security Check Captcha FML T shirt means. Hold tight.

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Trollface T Shirt

by on September 5, 2011

This represents the face of someone trolling a forum. Want to know more about it, then you should probably go read about it on Know Your Meme.

For the rest of you that know about the 4Chan, deviantArt, Reddit and Whynne, then you’re probably already a big fan of the meme, and most likely you are about 2 seconds from pulling out your Mom’s credit card and buying this Trollface T Shirt. I don’t blame you. That face is awesome, even for tose that don’t anything about its origins.

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Nerdcore T Shirt

by on July 24, 2011

This Nerdcore T Shirt is awesome, featuring a skull wearing nerd glasses with tape on the nose bridge. Plus, the old school controllers. What a perfect shirt. The gothic, horror sort of look gives the nerd a whole new feel, like I’m a gamer geek but don’t mess with me.

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Well, apparently there’s another Harry Potter film headed our way July 15, so all of the HP shirts are super hot. People want the gear for opening night for sure. What would nerd culture be without Star Wars, math, and wordplay? Not much which is why the nerdiest of the recent nerd shirts is smokin’. Finally, let’s talk about the Game of  Thrones Save the Direwolves shirt…it’s got serious traction.

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