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Nerdy Shirts: Shirt shop specializing in the tapped glasses, wipe your nose on your sleeve, and figure out that complicated programming issue type shirts or the tees that appeal to those nerds.

Frankly, I’m a bit taken aback by this hard hitting commentary from the Nerdy Shirt site. I expect this thing from some of the more edgier, offensive shirt emporiums, but nerdy geeky stuff usually doesn’t get into the hard core cultural commentary like this. But, hey, it’s cool they’re mixing it up. After giggling about some archaic joke about some programming trick, they bust out a serious bitch slap on a top rapper. Pretty ballsy. Shows they got some range.

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I Am A Geek T shirt

by on January 10, 2010

Don’t forget as you consider that shirt for your personal wardrobe that the back says: “Society for Geek Advancement.” This takes it to the next level of super geek culture humor. And, it is amazing how much technology has changed the landscape. Now the geeks are making the money. Now the geeks own all the coolest toys. Now that geeks are making the rules. And, finally, the geeks are getting the women…ok maybe not that last one. But, at least they have the lightning fast T1s blasting into their mom’s basements, so they can do even more one-handed downloading. This almost makes up for the women thing.

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Hey…no need to go and have horrifying experiences in Vegas, including strapping a mutant, sun glasses wearing child in a sling to be cool like Zach Galifianakis. Just get yourself this lovely tee and you’re golden. And don’t worry. What doesn’t happen in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas, so you can wear this beaut in Cleveland and get the same effect. Pure adulation from every body you know, especially your Aunt Tilde and your best friend’s mom.

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Shop Review: Nerdy Shirts

by on December 15, 2009


Nerdy Shirts has stepped up their game…BIG TIME! New site. New models. New funny tshirts. I cannot ignore them any longer. They offer free returns, so if it doesn’t fit you must acquit…I mean return it and get a size that does.

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how-to-do-the-thriller-dance-three-easy-steps-tshirtMichael Jackson must be walking on clouds or cloud walking (ha, ha, get it, moon walking, cloud walking…it’s a more bouncy, loopy sort of dance, rather than that smooth electroglide he invented), seeing that his Thriller choreography has made the big time: a funny tshirt.

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on-the-internet-im-a-15-year-old-girl-tshirtWhen it comes right down to it, you don’t know who’s on the other end of those crazy bits and bytes. In fact, I’m actually a cheetah and contrary to a common misconception, I don’t type in short fast bursts. I’m actually a hunt and peck keyboardist. I get it all the time: “You must be a middle-age uncle from Portugal…I can tell from your dialectic.”

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the-internet-is-for-lovers-teeIf you’re like me (and I’m sure you are) sometimes you get tired of all the random humor on these crazy tshirts these kids wear now-a-days. It’s about time we got back to some good ol’ homespun truths like The Internet is for Lovers.

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Beeew! Lasers are Fun TshirtI almost don’t want to say anything about this shirt because it is so perfect. It’s like watching an awesome movie on DVD and deciding whether or not to check out the special features. My rule of thumb is, if the movie transported you to another place then don’t watch the features in the same sitting.

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Plastic-ware family teeThe great comedic conundrum finally solved. How to properly get the spork phenomenon on a tshirt? And I don’t mean just plastering a spork on a tshirt and calling it a day. This was an issue that required a sophisticated touch, and the folks at Nerdy Shirts broke the code. They killed it. A happy plastic-ware family portrait including a brood of four sporks.

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American Apparel t shirts get lots of love in the clothing world. In fact, they’re the largest clothing manufacturer in the US. Why?

Well, first of all, they’re very high quality shirts that fit very well and are made right here in the USA– Los Angeles to be exact. No sweatshop labor used to produce these threads, which is a big deal. Look at some of the places your clothes are made these days: China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia. Hard to say under what kind of working conditions these clothes were produced. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty good possibility in the global shirt business that worker conditions are bad.

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Wonder Bread TshirtI always loved the Wonder Bread logo. Even as a kid that knew it was complete crap food, but I still appreciated the primary color joy that exudes from the Wonder. I think Google scraped some of the bliss from white bread to build its logo mojo. Spread peanut butter. Spread jelly. Spread joy.

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I like bacon teeshirt I always enjoyed wearing my Dewalt tshirt way back when because it was yellow and black. What a great color scheme. Add this roly poly kid with that just ate a bacon double cheeseburger and is perfectly and utterly content and you have yourself a quality shirt.

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