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Nerdy Shirts: Shirt shop specializing in the tapped glasses, wipe your nose on your sleeve, and figure out that complicated programming issue type shirts or the tees that appeal to those nerds.

Nothing attracts the opposite sex or the objects of your desire like confidence. And, this shirt, embodies complete confidence in self. You are telling everybody that walks by, “You like this.” You don’t even have a choice. You can’t even help yourself. You desire this package. It gets a little weird when you go to gramma’s for the Memorial Day family gathering, but Like can be morph into a less aggressive, less on the prowl sort of concept, so you shouldn’t have a problem in any context.

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It’s the good old classic TWSS now at Nerdy Shirts as well. You cannot go wrong with this shirt because it is a guaranteed funny in any and all occasions. You left in to melt in the sun. That’s what she said. You bought the wrong one. That’s what she said. You stink like a dying rhino. That’s what she said. Your candy is too expensive. That’s what she said. That airplane is flying low. That’s what she said. Turn on the AC. That’s what she said. If that proud imbecile Sarah Palin becomes President I’ll move to Siberia. That’s what she said.

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You know Jimi totally wishes, in his grave, that he had a chance to play such an awesome game. Instead he was wasting his time touring the world, screwing hot hippies, and becoming a legend on a real fucking instrument…sucker. Look where all that got him…dead. Lying in a pool of his own drug induced vomit.

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Even though on the surface you may look like you’re dressing to go to a fish fry, in reality you’re making a savvy move to attract the ladies on a subconscious level. This shirt totally throws off a very strong masculine vibe and even the most strong women will find themselves strangely compelled to chat with you. To eye your every move with sideways glances. To feel their pulse in their neck on the sly.

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Apparently there was controversy about this tshirt. And, now maybe it’s exponential since Nerdy Shirts has now decided to replicate the shirt worn in by actor James Franco in the movie, Pineapple Express. The shark eating the kitty motif seems to have already been done by the people over at WOWCH.

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If anything is a Nerdy Shirt, this certainly qualifies: a fake concert tee from a cartoon band in an animated sitcom called Doug from the 90s. Nerd. Geek. And, if you’re into it, I suppose this one fine prized piece of apparel.

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You’re wearing that ugly team building exercise tshirt from your old work and it’s never looked better on you. It’s business time with the yellow tipped socks on!

See, be careful with buying the It’s Business Time: Flight of the Conchords tshirt because what might happen is that it becomes your Wednesday night uniform. Pre-determined night that you make love. If you get this shirt you may start to fetishize the shirt. You may start to make it a necessary part of your love making business time routine to the point where if you’re out of town, and you think that hotel bed sex is hot, you won’t be able to do it. You won’t be able to get it up because you forgot your business time tshirt. And when you don’t have your business time tshirt and your yellow tipped socks, you cannot DO IT.

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I’m a casual watcher of Jeopardy, meaning I’ve seen it while standing in the TV section of Sears waiting for my mom to buy my sister’s back to school blouses ,or was that my dad replacing a crescent wrench I lost. Anyway, not a hard core fan of the show, but even I know Alex Trebek is a smug a-hole. So, when Sean Connery writes Suck it Trebek, I laugh heartily.

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Jesus BRB Baby

by on March 1, 2010

Another version of Jesus BRB tshirt has run in this space and it was good. So, why the repeat? Good question, thanks for askin’. I’ll tell you why. Because it is grade A fresh hilarious. And this one takes a little different approach. Jesus is more the cool Dogma Buddy Christ — comin’ right back bros, Jesus. Whereas the previous Jesus BRB tshirt was more straight old-school messiah like.

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Samwell puts it all on the line with this amazing piece of sonic wonder. You’ll be singing it for days, because it is What What in the Butt. Oh, and once you realize this is basically your new mantra, you’ll need to get the What What in the Butt T-shirt in order to help you remember.

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Let me explain this shirt for a second. You have that show, The Office, where they always say “That’s what she said” in a sort of sexually overt way. It’s crazy how many phrases can sort of make sense with TWSS. Now, That’s What Grandma Said Shirt takes it a step further. It’s not some anonymous woman that could be a  mistress, a girlfriend, a lover, a wife or a whore.

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This is so sacrilegious I can’t even stand to give it any publicity. I mean, as a Born Again Christian, of course, I’m going to bash it, but for the vermin of the Internet any publicity is good publicity. So, here I am a damn devout lover of Jesus Christ giving a Zeus-worshiping tshirt company and their blasphemous new offering air time on the most widely read funny tshirt blog based in a basement on the East Side of Milwaukee.

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