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Nerdy Shirts: Shirt shop specializing in the tapped glasses, wipe your nose on your sleeve, and figure out that complicated programming issue type shirts or the tees that appeal to those nerds.

The description at the Nerdy Shirts store said it best on this one:

“Want a body like Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from MTV’s Jersey Shore without all the work? Then this shirt is for you!”

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Apparently, there’s this show on TV, HBO, or something, called Entourage. And, according to hearsay, there’s a dude named Billy Walsh that hates suits.

See, I hear this show is all about a bunch of fags that are trying to Make It in Hollywood. They do the LA scene and act all dramatic, and give you an “Inside” look at the entertainment business. Sounds like a load of shit, which is why I never have watched it. That and I don’t like that dudes perm hair, and Jeremy Piven oozes douchehole.

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I didn’t know what this meant but I youtubed it and pulled the appropriate video (see below), and thus am now able to talk eloquently on the subject matter. It’s quite enjoyable really. This poor, fat ginger Christian has a soul despite what the evil creators of South Park might say.

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This is quite a lovely shirt don’t you agree. Pulls one of the strongest hilarious memes on the Internet and combines it with a special, special event—the oil spill in the Gulf. It’s a can’t lose proposition as far as tshirt designs go, as it really captures the zeitgeist. Don’t you agree?

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You know Tommy Boy, the classic with Chris Farley and David Spade, and you know the hilarity that is Callahan Auto Parts in Sandusky, OH. Do not take “no” for an answer.

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George Costanza tells the unemployment office that he’s applied to be a latex salesman at Vandelay Industries Importing/Exporting Fine Latex Goods. He gives them Seinfeld’s number. Now, Seinfeld has to answer his phone Vandelay Industries and play along with the hijinx, so Costanza can keep his unemployment checks rollin’ in.

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Just a heads up. Nerdy Shirts rankings have been updated. I’ve added the latest shirts, including the Step Brothers converse high top shoes hanging around the neck and the Flipadelphia shirt from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Check it out.

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You know I didn’t really take it in at first but those disco floors look a lot like the DDR floor, which makes this shirt that much better. That, along with the fact that John Travolta has put in 50 pounds and got himself a crazy cultish Scientology religion, 27 years after being, Tony Manero, a seductive man with all the moves.

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If you really want to feel like the world is OK, that the children will be alright, that the environment will clear itself up, and that you’ll be happy again. Take a look at this innocent little picture.

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This could not be executed more perfectly. Rick Roll’d became an Internet phenomenon or meme if you will, because it was just so randomly funny. Doesn’t hurt that Astley looks like a British boy in short pants digging in the sandbox and sings like soul brother number 1, but also just the jolting realization that you’re not even remotely going to see boobies or a skateboarder crushing his nuts.

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Macgruber Tshirt

by on June 2, 2010

In this day and age, you really must come to terms with some of the demands on your life that you must meet, in order to keep the evolution of the human specifies on track. Specifically, I’m talking about how, as a modern day person, you must celebrate fine comedic films with a tshirt.

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Dude, you will totally have powers like Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 2, when you don this tshirt. It’s basically that exact same thing as that uniform he wears. You could totally deal with a nuclear bomb once you buy this Iron Man 2 T-shirt and slip it on. Seriously. Now, forget about a dirty bomb, or biological warfare, or civilian airplanes into a building, you really couldn’t do shit about those threats but you got the old skool 1986 nuclear warhead covered.

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