Get Real, Be Rational Pi and Imaginary Numbers Snorg Tee

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Pi says to i, “get real.” But i, in his excellent wit, comes back with, “be rational.” For you non-math geek people, here’s what this means: i is an “imaginary” number and therefore is not part of the set of “real” numbers. However, Pi is a “real” number but is not a “rational” number. In fact, Pi is what is called a “transcendent” number and there are many of those and more are discovered all of the time. How do I know this? Well, I actually have a degree in math and I used to eat, drink and sleep on math. My wife thinks I’m nuts. And I probably am. Or just extremely geeky.

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Nerd Socks

by on January 20, 2013


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Hey all you nerds. You know the nerd moniker is a badge of honor now that coding, math and science rule the world. So, now you have your own socks as well. About time. Let’s just hope some stupid jocks don’t try to act like they’re in the club by wearing these or getting them for their significant others.

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Nice one from Zed Shaw. I like the white man fro, the goatee, and the barrel of the gun. Hardcore. Mixed with a discussion of programming, which, I suppose can be hardcore, but really your just sitting on your ass, munipulating code on a screen, and eating horribly for hours on end. Plus, all of those calories from beverages. Worst thing you can do.

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