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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

Ah, this is terrible. Dick Clark was such an institution on New Year’s and all that. Makes me feel old that he died at the age of 82, especially since he still looked good. That said, this America’s Deadest Teenager T Shirt is pretty funny. Dick was called America’s Oldest Teenager, so this tee is the natural progression of that once he passed away a week ago, suffering from a heart attack.

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Love the wordplay here and the Tron looking neon blue and the circles where the bell should be. All around a very strong effort here that I quite enjoy and you should too.

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Man lots of good stuff happened at band camp for that girl. And there’s no reason to think that she shouldn’t have fun again next year. Band camp is for complete nerds, but who can fault kids for having fun with their fellow nerds. It’s a right of passage. Plus, I’ve known some people that were in the band that turned out to be kind of cool and wild and awesome. So, you never know. Of course, even in this movie we find out that Michelle Flaherty is ready to go (if you know what I mean).

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Lionel Ritchie gets an amazing amount of love in the t-shirt world, and it’s because he had flare, an afro mullet, a mustache, and a lot of corny, catchy songs. All things that are revered in today’s world.

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It’s a cat on a keyboard. Ahhhhhhhh. If you’re one of those Internet cat people, then you probably need to own this How Do You Like Me Meow T Shirt.

Who started the How You Like Me Now phenomenon? It was someone that was kept down for a while. Maybe they were a late bloomer. Maybe their feet stank unbearably. But, they rose up from adversity — kids just mercilessly making fun of them — and grabbed the ring and didn’t let go. Now they’re famous and in the flow, while their friends are car washers and leaf blowers.

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I like this shirt. Skull with yellow glasses on. I don’t even think there are lenses. Of course, who needs lenses when your dead. Eyesight isn’t an issue. The style is the only you have going for you, because skeletons are cool.

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I can’t tell you how much I despise both of these rappers work. 96% horrible. But, then every once in a while, there’s a glimmer of brilliance, just like every dog has his day. And the the line “What She Order Fish Filet” is the best thing either one of these talentless hacks has ever done.

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Squirrel Banjo T Shirt

by on March 28, 2012

This has to qualify as one of the weirdest shirts in the funny t shirt market today. Am I right? We have squirrel standing on an amp with a banjo that plugged in. I think he’s playing the banjo version of Gin & Juice. Now, the more interesting question is who was the craftsman that put that micro banjo together. That is what’s most important to figure out here.

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Of all the Bird is the Word T shirts out there this Bird is the Word T Shirt from Banished Shirts is definitely my favorite. Very nicely done. Very appealing to the eye. And, of course, you can never have too much celebration of one of the finest and weirdest songs in the history of music. Basically, that thing came out of nowhere in the early days of rock ‘n roll and The Trashmen’s classic has stood the test of time. Obviously.

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Dude sorta looks like he’s in his jammies, jammin’ to the beat of his drumming. I was trying to make some clever wordplay with to the beat of a different drum, except the different drum is his drum, and he’s the one making the beats. I let it ferment in my mind for like 15 seconds and nothing came, so I copped out and just did this rambling meta description of my thought process. Sorry for the second rate t-shirt blogging right there. I’ll try harder.

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You cannot get enough LMAO Everyday I’m Shufflin’ spinoffs. It’s not possible. The song has too much power. It’s the blood of the zeitgeist. More than the occupy movement or iPad 3, you have LMAO singing that catchy song and doing that dirty dance. And, now it’s everywhere.

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I like these little heavy metal and/or rock ‘n roll mashup HardShirtz are creating. Pretty great concept. This Guns & Maiden really rolls off the tongue and pops off the shirt. You’re gonna get noticed wearing this one, and the attention is going to be good. It’s going to show you have a sense of humor and you rock, which is pretty much an unbeatable combination.

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