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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

Horn Man T Shirt

by on August 17, 2012

Get This Shirt from Hello Fresco

There’s a real strange vibe to Hello Fresco shirt designs. It’s not menacing or dangerous, just super odd. And that’s why I like ’em and you should too. That dude is blowing into some modified tuba with his turquoise sunglasses, beard, and white pants. You gotta be a bad ass to pull off a stunt like that, especially in public.

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Get This Shirt From Worm Sign

This tee is great. Apparently, the VP of Nintendo unironically said this in 1989:

“Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.”

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Get This Shirt From Red Bubble

Great mashup of James Brown and The Godfather by Adam De La Mare. I love James Brown’s music and The Godfather, so this tee is hittin’ me on a deeper level. I’m getting old, so I have to ask the younger readers: Have you heard James Brown and have you watched The Godfather? I don’t know these things. I’m guessing these two are much too iconic for anyone born in the 1900s to miss.

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Rabbit Fighter T Shirt

by on August 5, 2012

Get This Tee From 6 Dollar Shirts

It’s a T Rex song, but I’m thinking that’s not what this shirt is about. I found a Rabbit Fighter drawing on deviantart. Is that it?

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Air Guitar T Shirt

by on August 4, 2012

Get this Tee Shirt from Glennz Tees

Another brilliant design from Glenn Jones. Air guitar. So simple of a concept, but I’ve never seen it before. Love that the guitar is not totally pumped up yet, so it’s a little wavy. And the big air hole, like you find on a pool raft, and let’s not forget the classic red pump. Awesome shirt.

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Sir Hunt a Lot sang this. He’s from the rural streets of Northern Wisconsin. They love their deer hunting up there. Enough to create a whole culture of folk songs around them.

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I think this might be the first U2 shirt I’ve seen. I mean I’ve seen concert tees, and tour tees, and shit like that, but not a shout out tee from a popular t-shirt operation like Snorg Tees.

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Not sure what this means, but it sounds cool. Iggy Pop wore this tee in LA in 1978, and I’m not sure if he’s saying he was such a force of nature in the 60’s that he wiped out the entire decade like a huge wave. Or maybe he just got Wiped Out in the 60s. Or maybe in the late 70s this was the way of saying you forgot everything, so Iggy maybe doesn’t remember the 60s.

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Debbie Harry wore this Doctor X tee back in the day, and as Worn Free does, they’re reprinting it to give you opportunity to be awesome, to look good, and to remember a very talented and beautiful performer.

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Worn Free has come up with the cool concept of printing t-shirts that celebrities of yore wore. In this example, we have the Rental T Shirt that Frank Zappa donned some time when he was being awesome. Pretty neat stuff here. If you want to point yourself in the direction of possessing even a fraction of the amount of excellent that Frank was, then this is a good start.

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Lookee here. I T Rex spoofin’ the shit out of that LMAO song, I’m Sexy and I Know It complete with those goofer sunglasses and THE HAIR. I have to say the music isn’t my fave but the vibe is righteous. How many dudes got the stones to not only wear a Speedo but undulate his hips so his penis bounces around. Not too many. Mad respect. Did I just type mad respect like I was a teenage in the year 2000. Sweet. Oh and this vid has almost 240 million views, so there’s that. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. “I work out.”

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DeadMau5, of course, is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, the progressive house and electro producer from Canada. But, that’s not what this DeadMaus T Shirt is about at all. This is a shirt about a computer mouse as the head of a skull and crossbones design. That’s called wordplay and it’s funny.

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