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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

i-shot-the-deputy-tshirtIf you’re hanging with Bobby Marley and he’s hookin’ you up with all the ganja you could ever want. And the vibe is chill. The water warm. The sun shining. You need to accept that if shit goes down you need to take your share of the blame.

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Tuba Hero T Shirt

by on April 29, 2009

tuba-hero-tshirtYou know the tuba is the instrument of highest comedic genius. You can talk French Horn, banjo or piccolo, but deep down we all know the tuba is where it’s at when you want to get your laugh on. Say out loud, “Tuba Solo” and try…try not to laugh. Couldn’t do it could you. And, then there’s the whole 8-year-old just “picking” up the instrument and being absolutely consumed by the brass. Like you can’t see the poor punter.

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i-was-not-aware-that-the-bird-is-the-word-teeThis is a funny response to a very nonsensical song from the 60s. Do the kiddies these days even know what this song is? I suppose everybody has heard it. I don’t even know how radio works these days, since I never listen to it. Are there oldies stations? Do people under 21 sing “bapa oum mao mao, bapa oum mao mao?” Perhaps the song is in a commercial or some such thing, giving it continued relevance this day and age.  First, get yourself acquainted with The Trashmen’s classic song Surfin’ Bird from 1963.

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running-with-the-devil-teeMan that devil sure knows how to run a 10K. Starts out fast, puts the pressure on the entire field then out kicks those that dare hang ’til the end. Note the streamlined goatee. The devil ain’t going to shave that thing for completely streamlined face, because he knows that the additional fear he puts into the hearts of his compitition with that sinister facial hair is worth way more than a couple of nanoseconds of wind resistance.

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god-hates-techno-t-shirtPretty much the trufe, which is why you always see that those producing techno music have the pox 95% of the time. Plus, they often bring plagues of locusts, frogs and shopping malls to their towns.

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head-hoodsFirst, I know these aren’t tshirts, but they are funny and they are worn above the waist, so I figured meeting 2 out of 3 criteria for qualifying for a Tshirt Groove post was good enough in this select instance.

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the-evolution-of-rock-tshirtThis is funny. It’s almost too cute, but treads that fine line between terrific humor and smarmy bullshit. And, plus, it’s funny because it’s true. From cradle to rock ‘n roll to rocking chair. Ah, the never-ending cycle of life.

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You know some of these Internet phenomenons are really quite ingenious and amazing. You’ve been Rick Rolled is certainly one of them. Have you ever been Rick Roll’d? Have you ever Rick Roll’d anybody.

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This shirt rocks. Couldn’t have nailed the Star Wars look any better. And Hans Harrison has never looked so dashing as he does in this splayed leg killer solo pose. I often consider this shirt, as I’m sure the creators did. What if it said “Hans Solo?” Or what if didn’t have any text? Would that take it to the next level? We’ll never know, but the shirt is funny nonetheless.

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And, I’m way cooler than you by the way. If you know what’s best, you’ll look this band up on and get up to speed pronto before they go mainstream and then you’re just a tag-along, bandwagon, mass consumption, populist, commercialized sell out.

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No. No. I totally disagree. This is not played out. Overdone. Jumped the shark. Passe. No. This is still fresh and relevant and pure goodness and the tshirt is a must have. I mean we’re talking Walken and Ferrell and genius. Lightning in a bottle. A very special moment.

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Mandolin Hero T Shirt

by on August 26, 2008

You ever seen a true Mandolin hero wailin’? If you have to think about it, you never have, ‘cuz if you’ve been in the presence of a Mandolin hero doing her thing, we’ll you’ve witnessed REAL magic.

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