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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

Morrissey would not appreciate the variation on his vegetarian theme…at all. Yes, it’s clever. Yes, meat really is delicious. And, yes, that prancing bull with the huge chest and waif waist is kind of disconcerting in a funny way, but Morrissey would not approve.

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This could not be executed more perfectly. Rick Roll’d became an Internet phenomenon or meme if you will, because it was just so randomly funny. Doesn’t hurt that Astley looks like a British boy in short pants digging in the sandbox and sings like soul brother number 1, but also just the jolting realization that you’re not even remotely going to see boobies or a skateboarder crushing his nuts.

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You know Jimi totally wishes, in his grave, that he had a chance to play such an awesome game. Instead he was wasting his time touring the world, screwing hot hippies, and becoming a legend on a real fucking instrument…sucker. Look where all that got him…dead. Lying in a pool of his own drug induced vomit.

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Happy March Madness. Celebrating all of the young, active, muscular athletes, gracefully gliding through the air to the hoop. This is to help you remember the other side of the humanity continuum and to keep it real.

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Seems like, not only does Kanye steal samples from other artists, he steals style from other generations. Apparently, King Tut had a pair of them shutter shades that Kanye wears in that Stronger video. Before I go on, can I tell you that that song is a total piece of duke. Any of that Mr. Roboto voice modulation shit is an automatic turn off, almost as repellant as soprano sax.

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Hammer Time T-Shirt

by on February 17, 2010

This is straight up funny. MC Hammer had the parachute pants moves back in the day and now he’s a cultural icon of snarky awesomeness and that’s great. Don’t forget his eye glasses for that touch of sophistication and the racing stripes on the side of his head and the high and tight jheri curl on top. This dude was put together, RIGHT!

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Frankly, I’m a bit taken aback by this hard hitting commentary from the Nerdy Shirt site. I expect this thing from some of the more edgier, offensive shirt emporiums, but nerdy geeky stuff usually doesn’t get into the hard core cultural commentary like this. But, hey, it’s cool they’re mixing it up. After giggling about some archaic joke about some programming trick, they bust out a serious bitch slap on a top rapper. Pretty ballsy. Shows they got some range.

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how-to-do-the-thriller-dance-three-easy-steps-tshirtMichael Jackson must be walking on clouds or cloud walking (ha, ha, get it, moon walking, cloud walking…it’s a more bouncy, loopy sort of dance, rather than that smooth electroglide he invented), seeing that his Thriller choreography has made the big time: a funny tshirt.

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i-liked-michael-jackson-before-he-was-dead-shirtSometimes you just have to set the record straight. You ain’t on the dead Jacko bandwagon. You dug his shit since Off the Wall. Not all his shit mind you. Some of those tunes were severely whack, but Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough makes me want to wear pastels and spin ’round and ’round in a meadow, with the sun shining on my face and glinting off my perfectly white teeth.

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if-there-is-a-problem-yo-ill-solve-it-teeYo, this is an ice ice vanilla ice baby charicature and that’s awesome, because when it comes right down to it, he’s no smarter than the chalk used to write up that little differential equation on the board. So, he’s comin’ in with all the bluster, but after a sec with arms crossed, his gonna shift the weight to the other white-pants-clad hip, then he’s going to smooth over that rooster hair, and he’s still gonna have nothin’.

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cant-touch-this-equation-tee-shirtMC Hammer would be rolling in his grave if he saw this shirt. I mean his shit was pure feeling and rhythm and movement. Not graph paper and equations, horned rimmed glasses and slide rules. Actually, now that I think about it. Parachute pants and diagonally cut sleeves are pretty mathematical and, when I write the word “slide” all I can think of his Hammertime moves. So…Mr. Hammer is probably smiling down upon us.

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im-on-a-boat-tshirtYou absolutely know you’ve arrived when you’re on a yacht meandering around various glamorous bodies of water. Now, if there’s a rapper dude with dreads and a stove pipe hat with you, then you’ve absolutely taken it to the next level. [check out the I’m on a boat vid]

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