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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

What you have here is a lovely little shout out to the classic video game Pacman, but in a little twist, I think what Busted Tees is trying to do is combine a little Hall & Oates in the deal as well. If your not ancient like me, you may not recall that the fey duo did a little number called Maneater, just about the same time Pacman was hitting it big in the 80s.

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So you poured through the periodic tables and did not find this element. You say you looked closely for an hour checking off each one as you went, and still did not see Adamantium. In fact, you risk severe punishment and displeasure from your chemistry teacher because you actually marked up her colorful Periodic Table Chart that she hangs on the wall in front of her room…and still you could not find it.

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Where My Dogs At? T Shirt

by on November 27, 2010

DMX done rapped this song, then the phrase morphed into an Internet meme. You have an animated short called Where My Dogs At and you have this Where My Dogs At T shirt making light of a very serious message. Gotta have friends and they gotta back you up when shit starts going down.  Whereas this shirt brings to the front the rumor that Asians eat dogs, thus the little cardboard box of take out may just have your dogs…not the dogs you call your friends because that would be really Jeffrey Dahmer gross. Just real dogs, which is sorta gross but not cannibalism icky gross.

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I reviewed another variation of this concept playing on the whole This is why I’m hot song by MIMS. In that review I quoted the best line and I’m going to do it here as well, because it is comedy gold.

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Highway Songs T Shirt

by on November 17, 2010

Let’s see now. What do we have here? The exit for the Highway to Hell, which, of course, is an AC/DC masterpiece. Highway to the Danger Zone, which, of course, is a Kenny Loggins par for the course pile of doodoo. And, the Rascal Flatts, Life is a Highway, which makes baby Jesus cry because it is such a shitty song. I don’t care if the chorus makes me feel like a 10-foot tall drivin’ Lothario.

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Admiral Ackbar figured out it was a trap. Billy Dee Williams was making some excellent decisions despite being stickin’ drunk from the 6-pack of Colt 44s he drank. Very exciting part of the Return of the Jedi movie. Krylov223 on Youtube explains it like this:

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This probably shouldn’t have happened. The song, Breaking News, is doo doo and the family is suspected of making a fake song to squeeze some more cash out of the King of Pops legacy. There’s a creepy line in there that says “you just want to write my obituary.” No, but you seem to have made that happen on your own Jacko. I really don’t care if Jackson’s legacy is soiled by greedy family. The dude diddled little boys at the Neverland Ranch, so he really doesn’t deserve to rest in peace.

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MIMS sings This is Why I’m Hot. Some sample of the lyrical genius.

“This is why I’m hot (repeat 46 times), I’m hot ‘cuz I’m fly…you ain’t ‘cuz you not. This is why I’m Hot (another 86 times). Can you say Masterpiece. So that solves the words on the shirt and you can see the MIMS video below. I advise multiple views so that you can been enriched exponentially. Then, we have a 8-bit pixel flower and a wall with a door or something. I’m certain it is some kind of game, but do I really have to figure it out. Can’t it just pop up within 2 seconds of me googling it.

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Beyonce singing for all the single ladies, telling the men that if they like those single ladies they should put a ring on the finger of the single ladies. Then, comes this All the Single Ladies Nuns T Shirt. This is what happens when you don’t put the ring on and the lady gets fed up with the male bullshit. They commit their lives to Christ, live in a convent, and sneak in a little scissoring, when the urge becomes too great.

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Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz put it all together when they decided to record this tune.You know what I’m talking about. It’s fantastic. Skeet = jism and that’s the basic stuff of life. And, of course, the white funny t shirt response is to take the made up rap words and apply them to the closest English meaning and put the rap in an everyday normal world situation, I.e. Shooting clay pigeons, which is totally normal and done by 94% of the population.

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Of course, Rick said cocaine is a helluva drug with that little c

This, of course, is a shout out to the movie Big Daddy where Adam Sandler’s character Sonny Koufax tries to teach the kid and the delivery guy, played by Rob Schneider, how to read. Schneider gets the word Hippopotamus on the card, but he has trouble eventually saying: “Hip Hop Anonymous.” Then, he complains bitterly that Sandler is giving the kid all of the easy ones.

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