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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

This is a lovely little variation on the I’m on a boat shirt theme. Of course, this was the Saturday Night Live Lonely Island send up about being on a boat and it’s spectacular. More Autotune courtesy of T Pain. And, the quote of the song has to be “I got my swim trunks and my flippie-floppies” which just so happens to be printed on the shirt as well. Basically, you get everything you need to have the best I’m On a Boat T Shirt experience, right here from this offering from Deez Teez. Can you dig?

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I just had sex and it felt so good is a Lonely Island song featuring Akon. You can see the video below. Be one of the first…oh wait…there’s already 24 million views. How about you can be the first on your block to have the I Just Had Sex and It Felt So Good T Shirt. That’s some braggin’ rights if you ask me.

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This hear is a little wordplay accompanied by a nice visual of Mt. Rushmore slightly altered. George Washington says “we will.” Thomas Jefferson says “we will.” Theodore Roosevelt says “rock.” Abraham Lincoln says “you.” And, you see, they’re all carved in “rock.” Rock…rock you…get it.

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RIP Captain Beefheart

by on December 18, 2010

Nothing real funny about this. Don Van Vliet died after struggling with Multiple Sclerosis for years. Dude’s music was fucking incredible. Actually, did the first music video, which now sits in the Museum of Modern Art. He was a sculptor from age 5. Dude did it on his own terms. Put out amazing amount of material. Took blues to another psycho-beat, babble level. Really did the thing. Blazed the trail.

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You may not have conquered the United States market for that top swallow calls CD you recorded in your mom’s basement, but your stuff is totally huge overseas, especially Japan, and you know what that means. It means that you’re a little ahead of the curve here in the US. So, just give it some more time and your popularity will explode stateside as well. You tell all your friends and acquaintances about your success in Japan, and half of them even believe you. Have of those believe you’re going on a swallow call tour in April.

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Enter the T-Shirt Chamber

by on December 13, 2010

If you like your funny t shirts a little more on the offensive or at least extra dirty side, then T Shirt Chamber is probably a site you want to check out. Tea Bagging seems to be a favorite pastime, and I’m not talking about marching on Washington D.C. with a bunch of fat, racist white people.

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Elvis Meets Vader T Shirt

by on December 6, 2010

Wow. This is a power meeting between two guys at the top of their game. One living large as the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire and one capturing the hearts of every girl in the US and abroad with his hip shake and sexy voice. No one knew at the time that both were headed for spectacular falls from grace and untimely deaths. But, players gotta play no matter what the consequences. And that’s the truth.

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This is a very nice play on words. You’ve seen the neon signs in the seedy part of town promoting Girls, Girls, Girls. This is a new scandalous fetish. People want to see shaved squirrels eating acorns, and they pay good money at the door. This isn’t the kind of thing you here on the evening news, and you don’t talk about it around the family dinner table. You have to run in certain circles to know about it.

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Knight Drummer T Shirt

by on December 4, 2010

I don’t really know where to begin with this shirt. Headline Shirts explains it by saying there are all types of musicians, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, and Elton John, that have been knighted, and they think that maybe the next knighted musician should have some real hardcore knight action goin’. Like the image for this Knight Drummer T Shirt. Dude has full armor and an awesome sort of crest on the bass drum. That’s pretty badass and would seem more appropriate for anyone knighted in Great Britain, especially a musician.

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The red-headed front man of Simply Red acts contrite as he casually mentions that in a three-year run at the height of Simply Red’s popularity, he averaged having sex with three women a day. That’s pretty impressive. Of course, he’s acting very contrite about it now, as the 50-year-old now has settled down with a wife and kid, but it doesn’t seem like he hesitated to mention that for that nice stretch he was rivaling Wilt Chamberlain’s prowess. Good for him, especially since was just a short pasty little kinky haired ginger that sang mediocre soul songs.

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Today was a Good Day by Ice Cube. That’s where this whole Ice Cube’s a Pimp on a Blimp T shirt is coming from. Headline Shirts know what time it is when it comes to classic rap. Everyone knows this song.

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This has to be one of Headline Shirts most popular shirts ever. It’s simply brilliant. You have the send up of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, which is not totally novel on the Internet, as you can see on this artist’s site that has a lot of different variations on the theme. But, the fact, that on their Da Vinci Vitruvian Rock Man T Shirt they capture a seminal rock ‘n roll pose…the ultimate Pete Townsend guitar god strum, makes this particular variation on the classic illustration of a man particularly appealing.

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