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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

This shirt has the look of an old school TV being filmed by an early 90s camcorder. The TV refresh rate is imperceptible by the naked eye, but if you capture it with a camera all you see is a picture broken up with lines, as the speeds of the film and the refresh rate of the TV don’t synch, thus you capture the rapid flickering. That’s what you have here with this Stop, Collaborate & Listen T Shirt.

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God damn this is a good song. It doesn’t beat around the bush. It doesn’t play coy. Sir Mix-A-Lot can not lie. He likes big butts. Baby Got Back. “I like ’em round and big.”

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Is this like a reversal on the whole Fox Mulder wants to believe in all this paranormal, alien and ghost shit, but despite all of this compelling evidence his rational mind still thinks there are plausible explanations that don’t involve anything beyond what he can see and touch on a normal sunny day? This is an alien boy on this I Wanna Belieb T Shirt, who, perhaps, doesn’t believe in Fox Mulder or David Duchovny or Dana Scully or Gillian Anderson, but he wants to because he hears The X-Files is a great show, and that The X-Files I Want to Believe movie was loved by all the fans of the show.

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Keytar T Shirt

by on March 8, 2011

I’ve seen keytar shirts before, but none that brought out the soulful and dangerous side of the instrument quite like this Keytar T Shirt from Young Lovers Label. The bright blue of the instrument exemplifies the festivity and utility (this thing is a keyboard that is played with a guitar hold). While the hands coming out of the pitch black, shows that human connection to instrument. Someone with blood and bones and sinew with synapses firing is coaxing the music out of the keytar.

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Another shirt offering celebrating the latest from The Lonely Island crew. They can pretty much do no wrong, so buying this Like a Boss T Shirt is pretty much a no brainer. Gotta get it. Especially if you are  a nominally successful boss. Don’t wear this to work if you’re like some bullshit middle manager with 1 employee and an occasional temp. That’s not funny.

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Nice wordplay. For the uninitiated — and that’s no shame, especially now that you are here and bettering yourself — this is a play on Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy, which is a common thread among the hip hop, and rap community, because it really is not. You have to find good hos. You have to keep those hos workin’ for you, and by workin’ I mean givin’ seedy, sweaty, fat duds handies next to the smelly dumpster in the darkest alley. You have to hit some hos when they start to get out of line. You have to work some of the clientele that is slow to pay. You have to maintain an exquisite wardrobe, including keeping your hat at a perfect tilt.

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People Like Me is a wild ride of whacky art and witty concept. Within that cacaphony you’ll find some funny t shirts. Their tagline is “The Right Brain Is Never Wrong.” That’s the part of the brain the generates maniacal fatty food cravings…right?

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Very nice little bit of wordplay going on right her. Jay-Z got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one in his tune 99 problems. Now, you tweak that up with a comedy mind, and all of a sudden you had a perfect 100 donuts, but then some bitch ate one.

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This is a funny shirt. First of all, 2012 looks like it’s going out with a bang, but that doesn’t even have the elegance and grace of a mushroom cloud. It’s more percussive and violent and ugly. Not sure why people are all standing around at Ground Zero on this bombing. Or maybe it’s New Year’s Eve and the Big Apple drops and bango, it’s the end of the East coast and that triggers more explosives across the country and then the world and it’s all gone. I was figuring on a more subtle sort of financial meltdown, where it slowly begins to dawn on people that Wall Street has completely destroyed everything and that the government was complicit, not putting anyone in jail, not hanging any of the dirty thieves from lamp posts, not burying Ben Bernanke alive up to his neck and slathering honey on his face.

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The mix of the Bob Dobb character, straight-laced, middle manager, two kids, blonde, trim wife with dinner on the table every day at 6 pm, just as he walks in the door, combined with gangster sensibilities is always a good time. This Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangster T Shirt does not disappoint.

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Pick up on this…Salt-N-Pepper nailed it with that Push It song.

This dance for everybody. Only the sexy people. So, if you’re not sexy, the next best thing to do is to get the lawn mower out and push it. Make sure you have the black mid-calf black socks and a real chunky boot or an off-brand white sneaker. Not sure if you have enough balls to wear boxers and a wife beater white tee. Maybe just cut off jean shorts and the wife beater and the sunglasses that flip down over your regular glasses frames.

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Nice wordplay, image play going on here. Mix of sci-fi/thriller movie and classical music. Johann Sebastian Bach mashup with Arnold “the Governor” Schwarzenegger. The beautiful bust of The Terminator and the music master. Set it on your piano. Admire it from the sofa. Play your music with inspiration. Shoot your neighbor the best you can. Wait, I’m not selling the bust, I’m selling the I’ll Be Bach T Shirt featuring the combo bust, and I have a feeling you’re buying. Why?

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