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Get This Shirt From Snorg Tees

I’m pretty sure this is a smart-ass response to the excruciating movie 127 hours. James Franco’s character did not leave a note before going on a long bike/hike out in Nowhere, Utah, where he proceeded to get his arm stuck between a boulder and a cave wall. Instead of staying there to die, he cut his arm off with like a spork or something. Awful. And this shirt is sort of making fun, but also offering a very nice Public Service Announcement.

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Get This Shirt From Red Bubble

It’s a Firefly Serenity design. It’s quite a nice sentiment. You can take my house, my money, my family, my friends, my food, and my water, but you cannot take the sky away from me. Of course, they can with mega pollution, electromagnetic waves, and the biodome, soon to be featured in the massive metropolis near you.

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Get this Shirt from Tshirt Bordello

If you think about it, this is gross, ‘cuz Jason is serving up dead people subs and toasted sandwiches. It’s kind of funny, because he calls all the ingredients he uses organic, even though he can’t be certain where his victims have been. Ah, nothing like thinking about the Friday the 13th franchise more often, because you’re wearing a shirt that reminds you.

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DJ Leia T Shirt

by on December 9, 2012

Get This Shirt From Tshirt Bordello

Princess Leia likes wearing the cans so much she trailblazed a new hairdo to celebrates them. The ponytail spiral. You don’t see this in the movies much but she really can spin. The other thing that is not revealed in the movies is that R2D2 can convert into dual turntables. Pretty sweet. That room is pumpin’.

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Get This Tee from 6 Dollar Shirts

A movie from 1984 featured on a popular t-shirt site in 2012. Life is strange. The Internet is strange. It’s weird to get old, and not really know the old stuff that still has legs today with the kids. Ha Ha. Just kidding. I’m on top of all this shit and this shirt is definitely something you want to get to celebrate the campiness of the The Last Starfighter.

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Mighty Thorium T Shirt

by on December 5, 2012

Get This Tee From 6 Dollar Shirts

Another nice tie in with the super hero with the hammer (I guess technically he’s a Norse god), and the Periodic Table of the Elements. He’s bustin’ through all those other superfluous elements and making his might known. The Hammer! The Winged Helmet! Yes!

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Overlook Hotel T Shirt

by on December 5, 2012

Get This Shirt From 6 Dollar Shirts

It’s pretty amazing how much play The Shining gets in the t-shirt world. Tons of shirts paying homage to that terrific film directed by Stanley Kubrick. Can you believe it’s 32 years old. Damn.

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Get this Tee from 6 Dollar Shirts

Whoa…now that’s a different take on Princess Leia but somehow it seems to work. I could see her getting all tatted up. Can’t you? Love the R2D2 head detail framing our lovely heroine.

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Get This Shirt From Snorg Tees

Kind of a multi-layered Bacon thing going on here. Bacon is basically the most important food on the Internet. One layer. 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game that basically suggests that everybody on earth is 6 degrees of connection or less from the actor. Meaning you know someone, who works with someone, who landscapes someone’s yard, who manages a singer-songwriter, who gets their anus bleached by Bacon’s bleacher.

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Get This Shirt From Robber Barons Ink

Nice little twist on the It’s a Trap meme that has blossomed from the classic Ackbar scene from Star Wars. Let’s rework that scene with a sophisticated Englishman in a top hat, monocle, and moustache, and switch up the dialog to match. It’s an Elaborate Ruse is definitely what you would get. Funny stuff. Never thought I’d see Ackbar so tidy.

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Get This Hat From 80s Tees

It’s a Santa hat calling out the brilliance of the National Lampoon Family Christmas movie. You will be the coolest person at every Xmas event if you’re wearing this hat, ‘cuz you’re celebrating Santa and one of the best holiday movies.

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Get this Sweater from 80s Tees

Hey, it’s the Transformers looking like Nutcrackers just in time for Xmas. Very much in line with the holiday spirit. If you can’t get your kid to sing carols at Senior Living homes, or help bake cookies for invalid neighbors, then at least get ’em to wear this sweater to add to the general festive vibe.

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