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Inconceivable T Shirt

by on January 30, 2013


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This might be my favorite of The Princess Bride Vizzizi Inconceivable designs, and, believe me, there are a lot of them. Such an iconic film, and Vizzizi was just a spectacular character. Have you ever been to IMDB and looked at the current pictures of those actors. Pretty amazing. It was released 26 years ago. That’s a long time.

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I gotta be honest. Whenever I see the name Jason Voorhees I think it’s some sort of athlete. Then, if the mask is there, I immediately think it’s a goalie in the NHL. Then, I take a step back from my wild mind, and remember that Jason is actually the name of the tormenter in the Friday the 13th movies.

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Bruce Campbell gets some serious play in the t-shirt design world. He’s an iconic figure, playing some of the most memorable horror film roles ever. Plus, his name is Campbell, so there’s that soup thing too. Boomstick, of course, references the movie Army of Darkness where he calls his shotgun a boomstick.

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I don’t know what this is about. Someone help me please. Ooh, just had another idea. Search for 2047. Okay. I’m pretty sure the answer is here. Either that or it’s some reference to Looper that I can’t figure out because I’m weak and haven’t seen the movie. But, I will tell you this. The director is Ryan Johnson, so there you have it.

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American Psycho! What a great little bit of cultural criticism…the 80s were vapid and hedonistic with no soul. The big players in the 80s were beyond morality, so the Bret Easton Ellis, the writer of the novel, the movie was based on, decided to take that bankruptcy of the spirit to its ultimate conclusion. Psychopathic mass murder.

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Again, it just blows me away what old pop culture stuff has major staying power, and resonates with the younger generations, whether it’s ironic or not. Who would have believed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) would still be going strong in 2013. That’s almost 30 years. Holy smokes!

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Yoda Bathrobe

by on January 27, 2013


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This is kind of great. However, I have one request. Wait until you’re like 90 years old to start wearing it. Why, you ask? Because if you have a fresh face with smooth skin it just doesn’t look right. You need to be wrinkly and foldy and have a slight green tinge like all old people have. Bonus points if you have random hairs sticking out of moles, ears, and nostils.

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Not sure who decided to put Optimus Prime onto a hockey jersey, but it was a stroke of brilliance. It looks great. Everybody’s favorite Transformer looks like we has built/born?? to be associated with hockey. There’s also a small patch of the same design on the back of the jersey just below the neck. This is pretty damn cool.

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This is what they call an absurdist design in the t-shirt business. Placing known characters (in this instance from Star Wars) into odd situations like a rodeo. In fact, that Storm Trooper has a cowboy hat and looks like he throws a mean lasso. That, my friends, is absurd, and I’m not to sure Mr. Lucas is happy about it.

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Styles By Edward T Shirt

by on January 19, 2013


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Edward Scissorhands was quite adept at cutting things with those razor sharp hands of his. Might as make a buck or two with a deformity if you can. That sounded terrible. I wouldn’t recommend losing your dignity and charging for a carnival type show if you’re a bearded lady or Siamese twins conjoined at the nostril. That would be deeming, although I hear those shows can draw a lot of curious folks. You know the freak factor. If you market it right could be a pretty nice profit center.

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Not sure if that Groundhog is yawning because he just woke up or if he’s having a nervous breakdown because he’s in a never-ending loop of living the same day over and over. Well, if it’s the latter and he’s not enjoying the repetition perhaps he should take a page out of Bill Murray’s book and fall in love.

That seemed to get things back to normal in the movie.

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Ah, this is very funny. It’s rumored that this shirt is referencing a Funny or Die video, which is something I’m going to have to research a little more diligently.

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