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i-am-mclovin-tshirtJust wearing this tshirt gets you so far in life. There are those A personalities striving so hard. Going to medical school, taking monster class loads, working 80+ hours a week, cleaning out the toaster after every use. Then there are those the work smarter not harder, by purchasing the I am McLovin tee, wearing it and garnering all the adulation and bennies that comes with such a wise, prudent and brilliant fashion decision.

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Jason is totally bummed. He looked at his calendar a little too quickly yesterday. Got up totally excited today. Put on his proper gear for maiming and mutilating and just as he’s about to go out the door he passes his wall calendar and discovers it’s Friday the Twelveth.

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jesus-bowling-big-lebowski-tshirtJesus Quintana was a bad ass bowler in the League. You tell me you’re not shit scared when he lines up his shot and licks the ball. This dude means business. I mean he pretty much sums it up:

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christian-bale-and-i-are-done-professionally-tshirtTMZ, that bastion of high brow entertainment, muckracking, sleazeball, investigative, fourth estate, gossip, right to know about every actor bowel movement, caught Christian Bale in a moment.

What can you say, the man is hard core. Think about American Psycho – buff and 80s crazy. Batman – even buffer and simmering just beneath the surface. Dude is method. Dude doesn’t fuck around. Dude starved himself to make The Machinist which was one pretty damn intense picture.

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im-kind-of-a-big-deal-tshirt_large This tshirt is universally adored, just like Ron Burgundy’s mustache, so it must have its own post on Tshirt Groove. It’s a classic…in fact I think it was the first funny t shirt ever put on the market. How about that for some interesting e-commerce tid bits.

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The ultimate put down. You saw Napoleon Dynamite. You saw the devastation this gem wreaked on anyone around it. You wear this tshirt and everyone knows you mean business. No one messes with you. Just hope you don’t take down the innocent with the guilty. It’s that powerful.

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The funny thing is this dude on the shirt. He ain’t no real gangster. Maybe a gangster of slide rule, calculus or biochemistry. But, no way, is he in one of those toughie tough gangs like bloods or crips or Southside Knight Riders. There’s an outside chance he’s a gangster of love, but that doesn’t really count.

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Get your hamburger phone here. Or if that’s a little much, you can always celebrate the movie Juno by wearing the tshirt. The girls all loved this movie, so if you’re a girl, you’re hardwired to adore and want this tshirt. If you’re a guy, you probably win a metric ton of positive vibe points if you wear this or if you can’t quite get there, you can always get it as a gift for a girl in your life. Added bonus: if someone hasn’t seen the movie and see you in this shirt, they think you’re cool for such random goodness, like talking about a hamburger phone on your tee????

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Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen There Will Be Blood, starring a maniacal Daniel Day-Lewis, then you probably shouldn’t even look at this tshirt. This is the essence of this movie. An encapsulation of a ruthless oil man and the devastation of everything in his way, including a fruity, weird kid drawn to the ministry.

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Um. As far as throwing you for a loop tshirts go, this is a classic funny funny. I mean when you have the name Kate Beckinsale underneath a picture of Sam Adams, you’re asking for really funny stuff…especially when Mr. Adams is wearing a jock strap around his neck. Too hilarious. LMAO. ROTFL.

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No. No. I totally disagree. This is not played out. Overdone. Jumped the shark. Passe. No. This is still fresh and relevant and pure goodness and the tshirt is a must have. I mean we’re talking Walken and Ferrell and genius. Lightning in a bottle. A very special moment.

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This is a very informative shirt. And stylish too. It’s always good reference for the important questions in life and arms-length away, and this lovely depiction of all the cranes you need to know can be right on your body at all times (especially if you don’t mind wearing really smelly clothes or buying seven as these tshirts and putting them in rotation).

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