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your-mom-goes-to-college-tshirtClassic funny tshirt in every sense of the word. First, you have the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite movie with one of the most hilarious, non-sensical cut downs by a mustache wielding, so cool, he’s an idiot big brother. Next, you have Alice Fraasa, the classic tshirt model for Snorg Tees. What more could you possibly want. Now, of course, you probably won’t get the model when you order this shirt, but you will have the goofy sentiment.

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skynet-tshirtThis is funny in a scary way, making the connection between the artificial intelligence (AI) in the Terminator series with Google and its mind-blowing power reach across the globe.

Wear this shirt and giggle at Google as it becomes SkyNet, controls everything in our lives, destroys our privacy…all while following the model “Don’t Be Evil.” Oh wait, the quietly let that drop and now more on a sliding evil scale where the ends justify the means. That’s cool.

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theres-so-much-room-for-activities-tshirtClassic line from the Will Ferrell movie Step Brothers. As he and step brother, John C. Reilly, are starting to buddy up, they get the excellent idea to make their own bunk beds. Sounds compelling, eh. Actually, the whole premise of the movie is severely corny, but I laughed a lot in spite of myself and you did too.

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college-tshirtIf it’s good enough for Bluto, it’s good enough for me and you. You know Animal House was the original cinematic college farce, chronicling the absolutely off the hook antics of John “Bluto” Blutarsky and the Delta Tau Chi house. This shirt is a sublime shout out to this awesome movie and stands alone as funny. Forget ASU, UT, U of M and all those pedestrian halls of higher learning, celebrate college in the collective sense, ‘cuz it’s awesome.

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blajokevich-governor-gotham-tshirtIt’s tough to top the real Blajokevich joker on the comedy scale, what with his blatant disregard for reality, but this shirt dovetails nicely with the former Illinois governor’s vibe.

If you’re from Chicago  or like to celebrate political disgrace with your tshirt collection then you really ought to visit The Fineprint Chicago. They got some very cool Chicago-centric garb.

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Not Brad Pitt Tshirt

by on October 8, 2009

not-brad-pitt-teeUm, sometimes you have to let the chicks know what to expect. Tell ’em “hey, I know you’re squinting in this dark, murky establishment and I’m about 6 foot, sculpted jaw, good teeth and beautiful shock of hair, so you may have heart palpiltations, thinking I might be Brad Pitt getting away from the brood and the ball and chain, but really I’m Not Brad Pitt.”

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Jawesome Shirt

by on September 15, 2009

jawesome-shirtI’m morally opposed to promoting this travesty of a shirt. Are you kidding me? This cinematic devil fish killed multiple people, put the dark fear in the hearts of an entire township, and portrayed Richard Dreyfuss as an Ahab-like nutter. Plus, this movie adaption of a best selling book,  scared the shit out of a poor five-year-old boy…namely me.

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brooks-was-here-teeFirst off, RIP James Whitmore. Who died in February of this year. Whitmore played Brooks, who was an institututionalized lifer in Shawshank prison, who couldn’t deal with being released into the world after 50 years in the joint. If you think about it, that would be a pretty scary prospect. Anyway, before he hanged himself in the parlor, Brooks carved “Brooks was here” in the mahogany.

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abide-teeThe Dude abides. Sometimes it is the simple reminders that are the most powerful and effective. Sometimes from the mouths of comic actors and the pens of writers of comedy, you get the wisdom of life. The knowledge. The code and the creed.

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in-a-van-down-by-the-river-tshirtTalk about inspirational, Farley as motivational speaker, Matt Foley, really poured it on and made the wayward kids sit up and take notice. No way they walk away from the heavy gesticulation, table breaking and sweatiness with anything but resolve to change their ways. No more drugs, lies, cheating, drinking. It’s the straight and narrow or they’ll wind up living in a van down by the river.

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your-mother-was-a-hamster-tshirtNothing like quotes from classic comedies upon your chest. So, get thee to your wallet. Pull out your plastic and buy this shirt, you English pig dog. Boil your bottom. Of course, I’m French, where do you think I got this outrageous accent.

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finkle5-tshirtJust make the field goal and none of this happens. Dolphins win the Super Bowl, Finkle remains the place kicker for Miami, the mascot doesn’t get stolen and Jim Carrey’s film career dies before we have to witness him try to go all dramatic on us. He probably also doesn’t end up marrying Jenny McCarthey. If only Finkle makes the field goal.

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