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The Hangover T Shirts

by on August 5, 2010

The Hangover was such a damn good movie that it’s almost obvious that you need a t-shirt or two commemorating some of the best lines and scenes. Zach Galifianakis just kills in the movie so any shirt remembering his goofy ass performance as Alan is high on my list. The following are the best The Hangover T Shirts I could find. What’s your favorite? Comment below.

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We’ve all seen the movie. Keanu Reeves launched a career from it. Not sure, exactly, what happened to his counterpart Alex Winter, but Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure did flow right into the national zeitgeist. I mean, 21 years lates we have a tshirt referencing the fake band that pops up in the film, Wyld Stallyns. That’s staying power. That’s the mark of a home run.

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Bluto Blutarsky would wear this shirt and so should you. No, let’s bring it down a notch and get serious for a second John Belushi, who played John “Bluto” Blutarsky, in the movie, Animal House, is dead. He died of living too fast. He died to young. To honor this comic genius. To honor the man who, with just his eyebrows, a lawn mower, and a 14 inch beige dildo, could make you belly laugh for five minutes straight, you really should, no, you must purchase the Faber College Tshirt.

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Limbo, Eames, Arthur, Yusuf, Reality – dream levels. Mind fuck. Have you seen Inception yet? You need to. And, then you need to hit the message boards and discuss it, because that’s what thinking people do. OK? If you’ve seen the movie (spoiler alert if you haven’t) go to Fark or check out Screen Rant and hash it out.

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Stop the fuckin’ presses. Megan Fox goes outside without makeup. Holy bejeezus can the Transformers geeks even handle it. She sort of doesn’t even look totally plastic. In fact, she looks pretty great, except for those rainbow, plucked to within a whisker of their death eyebrows. Dude, she also just has her hair down without any fancy shit and she has a scrape on her right elbow.

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I really like that bomb graphic on the tshirt. Apparently, it’s the icon of the fictional band Sex Bob-omb from a graphic novel series. I never got into the graphic novels, but if you’re into thisstuff, you’ll probably glean some sweet nuggets of info from the Bryan Lee O’Malley, the author of the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, which is where this Sex Bob-omb T-shirt comes from.

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You gotta love the retro love of Mister T. Don’t talk to me about the remake. Don’t talk to me about Rampage Jackson. I’m talkin’ about the Mister T appreciation. With the mohawk and gold chains, he was an over-the-top original and the world was a better place because of his work on the A Team and as Clubber Lang in Rocky III. Right? Right!

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Apparently when you really think something is delicious you say Nom Nom Nom. From the image on the tshirt, the dinosaurs in the Jurassic period really went to town eating cotton candy trees. Awesome.

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Ray was trying to think ahead and think of the nicest memory, so that his thought wouldn’t become the devastation of civilization. It sort of backfired when the Stay Puft Mashmallow Man became an enormous Godzilla like car stomping beastie. But, I’m giving Ray a pass. He was under duress and he used sound logic to the best he could.

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Wordplay alert. If you’re in California, you really should take ownership of San Andreas as your fault. Otherwise, you’ll live in constant fear of the next earthquake. If you choose to live in the Golden State, you need to accept ‘quakes as part of the deal. You get the ocean, amazing farmer’s markets, glitz and glamor of Hollywood, chickenshit tickets for driving a car, pollution, Governator, majestic redwoods, wild fires, wine country, medical marijuana, illegal immigrants, and quakes. It’s all mixed in and you have to accept it all as part of the Cali package or you’ll forever be in a state of unease.

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You know Tommy Boy, the classic with Chris Farley and David Spade, and you know the hilarity that is Callahan Auto Parts in Sandusky, OH. Do not take “no” for an answer.

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It’s good to see John Goodman healthier. In that 2009 photo he looks like a pile of shit wrapped in misery. Now, he’s mackin’ on Helen Mirren. Crazy what cutting the alcohol out of the diet will do for you. I don’t know that I’d call it incredible, though. Guess it’s hard to tell how much weight he really shed.

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