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This is a very sweet design referencing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Love the lightening bolts and the broken heart. It captures the entire flavor and fantastical nature of the movie and the graphic novel series. Don’t you agree? I thought you would.

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I have my own personal vendetta against mosquitoes. They ruin good summer times in the great outdoors. They make people spray toxic chemicals on their bodies. And they make you itch. But, I guess the whole thing where people are dying of a disease that mosquitoes spread is also a pretty good reason not to like them. Busted Tees has joined in this charitable fund to stop the spread and as you can see Elizabeth Banks is on the good deeds.

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Looks like it could be for real this time. Patricia kept telling Mr. Jane that she saw a lot of dead people, but then they’d run into them at parties in the Hills and Mr. Jane would frown, and Patricia would shrug. The first few times Mr. Jane said to himself Patricia is just being Patricia, but after awhile it got annoying. So saw the spirit of their dog, when clearly the dog was lounging in the hallway. Basically, it’s an age old story of not being able to leave work at the office and letting it gradually erode the family. Sad.

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Classic scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The rabble has found themselves a nubile, young, pretty girl (should have been a shirt model) and decided she was a witch, but Sir Arthur stops them from burning her, until they’ve applied science and reason to the proceedings. Back in the day this was pretty sophisticated thinking comparing a human to wood and ducks and floating. The ended up determining she was a witch, but at least she got a fair shake.

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Hey. Have you seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World yet? Are you going to see it on opening day? What’s going on out there? Looks like Betsey Sharkey, an Los Angeles Time Film Critic, has seen it. Here’s what she has to say (I think she liked it overall):

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Hey. Check it out, you can listen to the whole Scott Pilgrim VS. The World soundtrack at

The album is full of great songs and sprinkled with some uneasy listeners, but overall it’s good. Not a big fan of Plumtree, which happens to play a big part in Michael Cera’s wardrobe for the movie. Frank Black should never play music without his The Pixies buddies. Black Lips are wicked. Broken Social Scene wrote  a couple of short selections for Crash and the Boys and has one ditty of their own on this collection. Beck’s song Ramona is sort of boring, but I bet it works perfect in it’s intended place…enhancing a montage of Pilgrim pining for Ramona, meeting Ramona, sexy timing Ramona, getting pissed at Ramona, fighting Ramona’s exes, getting pissed at Ramona, and finally sexy timing Ramona again…this is just a guess. I didn’t go to a pre-screening.

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Yeah, right there is Michael Cera and he’s wearing this ringer tee, and guess what, you can wear it too. You won’t look as good as Cera in it, but nobody can. It’s no big thing. No shame. Just go ahead and get it. You’ll still be pretty cool

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Scott Pilgrim T Shirts

by on August 10, 2010

If you like the graphic novel series by crazy Canuck, Bryan Lee O’Malley. If you’re salivating at the thought of watching the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, directed by Edgar Wright, which releases August 13, 2010, then you really ought to give these t-shirts a looky look. And, I mean hurry because the evil x’s are out to kick your ass one way or other, so you might as well be wearing one of these shirts when they do.

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from ShowBizSpy

“FORMER boxing champion Mike Tyson admits he accepted a role in hit film The Hangover because he needed the money to fund his drug habit.”

My first thought is it’s a heckuva lot better than sucking a dick and probably paid more too. He was a terrific casting decision, so I’d have to say it was a win-win. Plus, Iron Mike probably got enough dough for the cameo that he was able to ramp up the narcotic consumption, which eventually led him to rehab and go on a strictly Vegan diet.

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Have you seen the Carlos From The Hangover Baby T Shirts in places? I just thought they existed on the funny tshirt websites but I saw two ladies (sisters?…lovers?…friends?), cruising around the, sky polluting, air show with the baby wearing sunglasses in a sling shirts. These were larger woman, and I think I may have seen some feathering in their hair, but the shirts looked good. They’re a terrific reference to a piss in your pants funny movie. Now, where do I find that Zach Galifianakis beard to complete the ensemble.

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Wearing Anchorman t shirts puts you in a very select group of sophisticated, fun-loving, successful people that love to laugh. And, if that doesn’t get you invited to the dance on Saturday night, nothing will.

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I have cataloged The Hangover Movie T shirts and let me tell you something, this was a frickin’ labor of love so you must absolutely go check it out. There’s literally something for everyone, because every one loves Zach Galifianakas as Alan Garner. Everyone loves Las Vegas and the way Todd Phillips squeezed out every last laugh from a premise, that frankly, doesn’t sound very original.

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