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In Back to the Future II Marty McFly uses a pink hoverboard to save the day, and, apparently it created a mass sensation. People calling Mattel (product placement logo on the board in the movie) to see when they might be available to the general public. Stories abound with Mattel canceling the hover board launch after a gruesome deadly accident happened.

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Another fresh knee slapper from Nerdy Shirts. How many times have I seen the name tag tshirt, number one. And, number two, how many times have I seen My Name is Inigo Montoya You Killed My Father Prepare to Die T Shirt.

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“Let’s see if you bastards can do 90,” ‘cuz back in the day that’s some fast action. Oh, and I guess it was the magic number to hitting the time machine.

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Initech Office Space T Shirt

by on September 18, 2010

I gave Nerdy Shirts some high praise a while back because they updated their website and were pumping out some sweet shirts, but it seems that maybe those halcyon days have come to a screeching halt. Now, we’re in a spot where I think maybe their creative team died in a very horrifying plane crash or something. They’ve dropped Speaker City from Old School, which is a shirt we’ve seen in other shops. Then they presented us with Paddy’s Irish Pub from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which, again, is a shirt we’ve seen before. Finally, they go ahead and unveil Initech Office Space T Shirt this week. This shirt also is all over the Internet already.

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I love this shirt. I love helmets on birds. Always have. It looks so fantastically amazing. It’s the Egyptian eye of the bird combined with the beautiful helmet that Peter Fonda wore or hung on his seat as he rode his bike in the movie Easy Rider.

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Harken! Due Date the movie: it’s Zach Galifianakis, Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, Juliette Lewis, and Michelle Monaghan in Todd Phillips  follow up to The Hangover. Releases November 5, 2010. Looks like Zach G. is playing just about the same zany character as he did in The Hangover, when his Alan Garner took Vegas by storm. To tell you the truth I can’t get enough. That little gnome is balls to the wall funny.

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Okay Due Date staring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. looks funny, so I’m going to try to predict what shirts it will inspire. Let the record show I’ve made my predictions for the Funny Due Date T shirts on September 12, 2010, so help me God. I had my hand on the Bible. Don’t believe me? Maybe I’ll make a video with a time stamp. That will be admissible in court. Is admissible a word?

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More shirts (30 plus!). Brilliant commentary. Slicker  images. The Anchorman T Shirts page has been updated to within an inch of its perfect life. I mean before it pretty much sucked, now it’s chock full of The Anchorman Movie goodness.

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As you well know this is a mix media t shirt message with a tip of the cap to Mortal Kombat the video game and The Wizard of Oz movie.

Here’s the technical explanation of a flawless victory from the Mortal Kombat Wikia:

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Can you believe Back to the Future is 25 years old? Yeah, me too. Feels like I watched that thing in the theater back in the 1920s. Can’t believe those actors are still alive, Michael J. Fox’s heroic fight against Parkinsons not withstanding. Hell, Crispin Glover looks exactly the same.

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Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell. It’s like a murderers row of comedy acting. Not to say it’s a film is an automatic winner if you throw together an A-list ensemble cast, but for Old School it seemed to work.

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Um. No. This is not what Phillip K. Dick was thinking about in 1956 when he wrote the short story. And, Tom Cruise, didn’t dick around in a spreadsheet with a report that said this guy is a convicted felon, has 32 parking tickets, was in juvee, and  searches for information on semi-automatic weapons on Google an average of 6 hours a day (oh, don’t tell me Google doesn’t tell the government everything – Google is the government – the both start with Go – that’s the spooky stuff), so he’s a little bit of a risk for another crime.

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