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Don’t mess with DNA or stem cells or whatever, because there is always unintended consequences when you play God. Hell, God probably looks at the world as it is now and scratches his head and says how the hell did that happen. He sees the neverending war in Iraq, ethnic cleansing in Darfur, Justin Bieber going platinum, and Sarah Palin selling books, and just shakes his head.

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Wordplay in the house. I like this one. Gotta have faith in yourself and self-respect. Gotta believe that you bring a lot to the table and that you’re an invaluable addition to any family, social group, workplace, and Tupperware party.

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Douche Baggins T Shirt

by on October 28, 2010

This is a straight up slap in the face to the good fun-loving Jersey Shore folk. It’s a bit of cultural commentary that compares these fine people and their unique style to short fictional characters with hairy fat feet. You can see the resemblance to DJ Pauly D in the gelled up douche hair, the douche shades, the douche hand gestures, the douche pursed lips, and the douche pinky ring. The only thing that is really missing is the tan. On this Douche Baggins T Shirt our hero needs more tan.

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Will Ferrell needs big balls to make The Fucking Catalina Winer Mixer go off. And, you know what he does it so he’s got ’em but we knew that already. You can’t wear a permanent (Perm) hair style for most of your adult life without the big brass cajones.

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This, of course, is a shout out to the movie Big Daddy where Adam Sandler’s character Sonny Koufax tries to teach the kid and the delivery guy, played by Rob Schneider, how to read. Schneider gets the word Hippopotamus on the card, but he has trouble eventually saying: “Hip Hop Anonymous.” Then, he complains bitterly that Sandler is giving the kid all of the easy ones.

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You know you have to be a degenerate or a series anti-semitic psychotic to be kicked off the cast of The Hangover 2. Right? Especially, just a cameo role as a tatoo artist in Thailand. And, I guess Mel Gibson fits the bill. He’s a nut job. He’s a raving lunatic. He’s going to hurt himself or his family or innocent bystanders.

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Dude, Mike Myers was absolutely brilliant in the Austin Powers movies. Am I right? Anyway, of course, this is in reference to Dr. Evil, and his strong desire to have sharks with lasers at his evil disposal.

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So, here we have the Keep Calm and Carry On theme just like the Keep Calm and Put Bacon On Tee from Snorg Tees that was also put out this week. What kind of outlandishness is this? The same theme on the same week, how randomly lovely is that. Anyways, I love the original message for inspiring a strong get through it attitude. I dig the white on red brightness to balance out the somber messaging. And, I really dig this new developing meme, capitalizing on this public domain material that’s taking the message into wild, wild spaces.

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Of course we’re talking about Bruce Wayne’s company in the DC Universe comic series. Formerly WayneCorp, but I guess Lucius Fox thought they needed a little freshening up of the brand, so they pushed through the change to Enterprises. Good move in my opinion.

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I haven’t seen the movie It’s Kind of a Funny Story starring my man crush Zach Galifianakis, and some scrubs, but the trailer looks like vintage ZG and some other interesting story lines to boot. So, I’m watching this movie when it hits the Midwest theaters. Who am I kidding? I’m not going to see this movie ’til it hits Netflix because I never leave the house. I’m almost forgot that for a second, but then I came back to my right mind.

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Alright. October is upon us and it is now time to talk about Halloween. Yes, I know WalMart has had special candy bins and pumpkin candy collectors on display since June 9, but I refuse to talk about Halloween until the month of October. It’s still a full month away for God’s sake. That’s enough time to figure out the costume.

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Billy over at Snicker Tees just let me know that this Check Yo’Self Before You Wreck Yo’Self referencing the soon to be released Due Date Movie has been out since August 2010.

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