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Of course, Leslie Nielsen’s character in Naked Gun impersonated Enrico Pallazzo singing the national anthem. He was terrible and couldn’t remember the words. It’s a pretty funny clip. See below. And, I bring this up, because we have to bid adieu to Leslie Nielsen as he passed away on November 28, 2010. He was a great comedic actor and he was a Canadian. What more could you want? He’ll be missed.

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They always say that sharks are misunderstood and I never really understood that sentiment. I thought it was pretty easy to understand when they were venturing into three feet of water and biting human bathers arms off. They’re vicious killers that need to eat meat, and if food is scarce they’ll go get an arm or leg off a surfer or even a timid surf dipper. Did we not learn anything from Jaws?

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Classic scene in a classic movie. Cary Grant’s character is being chased by a crop duster out in the middle of nowhere. He tries to flag down a car going down a deserted highway. No luck. He dives behind berms of dirt and rocks as the plane does a fly by shooting at him. This is not a good situation for Roger O. Thornhill. Pretty cool movie by Alfred Hitchcock and a great scene.

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And on this day of thanks, I express gratitude for really dumb comedies that work, and for buxom models wearing shirts that remember the good raunchy, humor flicks. Amen.

Hey, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels hit it out of the park in playing stupid in Dumb and Dumber, which is why you need to wear the Mutt Cutts T Shirt in celebration of their mastery.

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This could be in reference to the mole people legend that states that there are people living in the New York underground and that they are called mole people. This shirt also may be in reference to a campy film called The Mole People. Either way it’s funny to postulate that, perhaps, they are even further underground than we thought. In fact, they are down below the Earth’s crust and even below the mantle. If you believe this or have an inkling that it might be true, then you must wear the Mole People T Shirt.

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Kevin McCallister is the little dude played by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. He’s ripping around through the house alone (thus the title of the movie), and finds a picture of his mean big brother’s girlfriend. She’s a little homely, so Kevin says Buzz Your Girlfriend Woof, as in she’s a dog.

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Highway Songs T Shirt

by on November 17, 2010

Let’s see now. What do we have here? The exit for the Highway to Hell, which, of course, is an AC/DC masterpiece. Highway to the Danger Zone, which, of course, is a Kenny Loggins par for the course pile of doodoo. And, the Rascal Flatts, Life is a Highway, which makes baby Jesus cry because it is such a shitty song. I don’t care if the chorus makes me feel like a 10-foot tall drivin’ Lothario.

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Everybody likes the Mario Brothers video games and everybody likes Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movie franchise, so it stands to reason that everybody and their mother would like this mashup t shirt referencing both fine pieces of media entertainment. Am I right?

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I have to have this shirt elsewhere on the site but in a different design. I thought I’d review this one because I really like the design and the chocolate brown of the t-shirt itself. Is there anything left to say about the The Dude Abides. It’s only one of the most iconic lines in one of the most celebrated movies ever. Jeff Bridges is fantastic as the dude. John Goodman is a force of nature. Julianne Moore plays flighty and good looking well. Steve Buscemi, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, John Turturro as Jesus. The cast is mind blowing. The performances titilatting. The script is loaded with amazing dialogue. The story is intriguing, and, of course, Sam Elliott’s narration is rich and his cameo is the vehicle for birthing this line.

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Office Space was an awesome movie and Busted Tees knows it. Thus, they bring you the Initech T Shirt, so you will never forget the hilarity and beauty of the movie.

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The U.S. is in high alert. The Roman Catholic in the United States is down to only six exorcists. They’re holding open tryouts this weekend to try to bolster those numbers to 122. Thank God. These demon possessed people are overrunning the place. It’s a mess.

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Man I love The Hangover, and I especially love Zach Galifianakis. Cannot get enough of him. Crazy for his tsunami of humor that mixes sweetness, harshness, abrasiveness, arrogance, humility, physicality, and the Beard.

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