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This is cute with a touch of slutty. Actually, that’s too strong, maybe it is just innuendo. Cute with a chance of innuendo. I mean this Take me to Bed or Lose Me Forever T Shirt does has a teddy bear on it, which makes it pretty innocent, because that’s what you do. Take the teddy bear to bed or else the dog “retrieves” it, slobbers all over it, rips it, and buries it behind the oleanders in the back yard at which point you have pretty much lost poor teddy forever.

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Nice wordplay, image play going on here. Mix of sci-fi/thriller movie and classical music. Johann Sebastian Bach mashup with Arnold “the Governor” Schwarzenegger. The beautiful bust of The Terminator and the music master. Set it on your piano. Admire it from the sofa. Play your music with inspiration. Shoot your neighbor the best you can. Wait, I’m not selling the bust, I’m selling the I’ll Be Bach T Shirt featuring the combo bust, and I have a feeling you’re buying. Why?

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You’ll recall the scene. Alan Garner, played brilliantly by Zach Galifianakis, is going to try to lure the tiger or busy the tiger in the bathroom at the hotel, and to make the steak more palatable for the tiger he’s adding pepper. He gets called on it…like why the hell would you waste time putting pepper on a raw steak for a tiger, and Garner shoots back with the utmost confidence, because tigers love pepper and they hate cinnamon. Random, goofy and beautiful.
Remember the scene forever with the Tigers Love Pepper T Shirt brought to you by the fine folks over at Snorg Tees.
Here’s the scene from The Hangover:
Here’s Snorg Tees designing the t shirt:
Why not look at the collection of the finest The Hangover T Shirts you can find anywhere in the great wide Web.

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What’s with Back to the Future being the most popular movie to shout out to on a t shirt? Seriously. How do the youth of today even know about that old ass movie and its terrible sequels. I guess there are just those pieces of pop culture that catch the zeitgeist and then have the staying power to remain. And, that is was the Flux Capacitor Plus Delorean Plus 88 MPH Equals The Future T Shirt is telling you. That and that you should purchase it and wear it and make weird remarks to every bus driver on the east side of your town. Will you be one of the chosen ones?

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You know the skit on Saturday Night Live, where Sean Connery tells Alex Trebek to Suck it because he’s such a smug asshole with all the answers. This Suck It Trebek T Shirt celebrates that very fine television moment and is something you should wear on your body, because Snorg Tees put their hearts and minds into it.
This is truly one of the classic recurring skits starring Will Ferrell as Trebek and some other dude as Sean Connery. Connery is a wily dirty old man and just destroys Trebek. Who the hell is that? He’s funny. Comment if you know.

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You remember the scene where Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn get owned by Bradley Cooper and that other dude in football. On one Cooper TD, the other guy says crab cakes and football that’s what Maryland does. Vince Vaughn looks at him like he has seagull shit on the top of his ear.

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Hey you can go to different decades or even centuries and still be able to say Be Right Back, if you time machine is a Delorean and you’re awesome like Michael J. Fox. Of course, maybe you can’t be that confident if you’re going back into earlier times in your life, and there’s the possibility that you change things. Hell, the person you’re telling that you’ll be right back may not even live in the same town because of the shenanigans you pull in the past. That type of shit has massive ramifications. So, maybe this BRB T Shirt is totally inaccurate. And, maybe that’s why you want to buy it. It’s like if you’re a coin collector and you run into the wheat penny that actually has an image of a dude making the rock on sign with his right hand. They call that a defect and if there are only a few in the run then it is worth quite a bit more.

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There’s a spectacular deleted scene from Step Brothers. Rob Riggle as Randy drops a masterful performance telling Will Ferrell as Brennan that he has to make the Catalina Wine Mixer go off without a hitch. That he needs big veiny, hairy balls to make it happen, and that he’s going to be in his jock strap making sure he’s making it happen, and if he doesn’t make it happen he’s gone. Of course, he’s having a heart attack as he’s telling him this.

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I’m bringing up these old school designs, because I’m just now digging through the Deez Teez catalog and they do a good job with some of the classics. Take, for instance, the One Man Wolfpack T Shirt. Obviously, this references the wicked funny scene where Zach Galifianakis, as Alan Garner, gives a little speech on top of a Vegas hotel about being a team and having a night to remember. This is where he spikes the drinks, and cuts his hand in a blood-brother ritual which doesn’t really get any buy in. It’s good stuff.

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Ed Douchebag T Shirt

by on January 5, 2011

So, this dude graduates from art school in San Francisco then gets interested in tattooing. So, he goes to Japan and learns the craft from some world-renowned tattoo artist. Then he comes back to the U.S. And plys his craft, and he’s popular and it expands into books, and then a clothing line…and that line is the Ed Hardy clothing line. Sounds like pretty real deal credibility, except that I think from the point of tattoo artist to clothier, Ed sold out. His shit just ain’t that interesting. Do you think so?

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I just had sex and it felt so good is a Lonely Island song featuring Akon. You can see the video below. Be one of the first…oh wait…there’s already 24 million views. How about you can be the first on your block to have the I Just Had Sex and It Felt So Good T Shirt. That’s some braggin’ rights if you ask me.

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

Okay, let’s go down the list from Pew Research Center Publications to start this 2010 featured story list to put this year to rest.

Earthquake in Haiti
Hmmm, I’m thinking there’s not much to joke about here, thus, there was not a lot of t shirts pumped out. Maybe something about Wyclef Jean trying to be president should be printed, but I haven’t seen it.

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