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Why am I not remembering this part of the movie? I’ve seen the film numerous times because it’s a god damned masterpiece from the Cohen Brothers. Jeff Bridges and John Goodman are masterful. Anyway, it looks like I’m going to have to do like 17 seconds of Internet research to figure out what this Kaoru Betto T Shirt references. Okay, just as I suspected…the Dude wore this tshirt during the movie. Of course, I only remember the v-neck and the wool cardigan, but I’m old and prone to huff shit in paper bags that I’m not supposed to, so my memory can’t be relied on. I’m sure I can find a clip on Youtube to prove it, but it might take another 27 seconds.

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Another great scene from the The Princess Bride. Of course, Vizzini pet phrase is Inconceivable and finally, Inigo Montoya says without malice…”I do not think that word means what you think it means.” Perfect line.

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The lispy little toad got the drop on the handsome blonde masked man, but he gave up his position of power when he let his hubris get the better of him. Yes, his intellect may make the great philosophers look like Morons, but if you have a dagger at the neck of the woman that your antagonist loves, there’s no better position. Though, I guess Westley did make a good point that they were at an impasse. If he doesn’t leave what can Vizzini do. I guess he can say if you don’t leave I’ll jab her in the throat but what good would that do for him. Really a tough position all around, but it gets worked out in the end.

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It seems that the grammatically proper way to say that would be Blued myself, since it was the act of turning yourself blue, but I guess in the interest of making jokes to appeal to the baser interests, rather than the higher, evolved synergies, you have to say it like David Cross playing Tobias Funke, sucked his own dick. If you’re into dudes sucking their own dicks or if you’re into the color blue on the naked skin of men, then you probably need to purchase the I’m Afraid I Just Blue Myself T Shirt and be done with it already.

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Veronica Mars, the TV series from 2004-2007, has an 8.6 on IMDB right now, and here’s how it’s described on

“After her best friend is murdered and her father is removed as county sheriff, Veronica Mars dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune.”

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Is that Drew Barrymore…if so she’s come a long way from those days as Gerdie in ET. Can you believe how small and cute she is in that movie. And now she’s portrayed on this Cocaine and Cigs T Shirt and marrying and divorcing Tom Green, and showing her rack to David Letterman, and directing pretty decent films. And still being cute.

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Come over here kids and let me tell you a story about a band from the 80s that was the toast of the town for a relatively short time. Flash in the pan. One hit wonder. Lightning in a bottle. They were called A Flock of Seagulls and they epitomized the synthesizer-heavy music of the decade.

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Adam Sandler busts out the scuba gear to get the little punk kid to take a bath and to be nice to the delivery man in the movide Big Daddy. You can tell the kid is a handful because he’s wearing a Hooters shirt, jumping on the couch, and smacking Rob Schneider on the head. I never saw this movie, but there’s always some funny stuff in a Sandler movie, even if the last dozen have been lame overall.

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Good movie. Crazy premise. Murder of the entire wedding party, but the pregnant bride survives barely. Now, she’s out for revenge against the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Of course, the squad has it’s own wikipedia page, because why wouldn’t a fictional band of hoodlums from a movie have one, especially one dreamed up by movie savant Quentin Tarantino for his Kill Bill picture.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Truth and justice. This shirt celebrates the very great movie Boondock Saints. You got the prayer, the church, the Irishness, and the Catholic pageantry. The Veritas Aequitas T Shirt is probably the perfect tee to feature on St. Patty’s Day with all that crazy mix of angel and devils and good and evil and saints and sinners that comes with delving deep in the Catholic church, a bottle of booze, and the Irish psyche.

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Steve Buscemi plays this dude Nucky Thompson in the HBO show Boardwalk Empire, who is based on a real life dude named Nucky Johnson. Seems like a pretty interesting cat. Kind of ran the rum running racket and the gambling racket on the Atlantic City Boardwalk during prohibition. Any money for protection to continue running illegal operations also went through Nucky, so he certainly was the de facto treasurer.

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“That’s the male Maria Carey yo, give it up.”

This is a little addendum to the Step Brothers movie. I think it’s in the extra footage on the DVD or maybe there was a bit in the movie. I can’t really remember. Nevertheless, it’s quite funny and you like it, and if you haven’t seen it you will like it when you press play at the bottom of this post. Then, you will go to your favorite credit card and make a strong move to purchase one or more of these Boats ‘n Hoes T Shirts.

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