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Was 2005 chosen as a random year just for fun, or was there some incident in 2005 that’s not coming to my Midwest mind? First thing I think of is maybe they’re talking about a politician, but Giuliani was tiny and he bailed in 2001. And Bloomberg is there currently. Then, I’m thinking maybe they got rid of some hairy, horrible investment banker, but nothing specific comes to mind.

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Ed Wood Jr T Shirt

by on February 23, 2013


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You gotta like a shirt that features the immortal camp horror movie director Ed D Wood Jr. Why? Because he was awesome, while wearing women’s sweaters, and the Tim Burton film, Ed Wood, starring Johnny Deep, was kind of awesome.

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Groovy Ash T Shirt

by on February 22, 2013


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Evil Dead 2. AmIrite? Bruce Campbell plays Ash and it’s awesome if you’re into that sort of thing. Love the shotgun, chainsaw, and ghoulish looking creatures. Here’s the clip that will make you want this tee even more.

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Ozzy Woz Here T Shirt

by on February 21, 2013


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Get it? The dude used to bite the heads off of bats during his live shows, when he was trying to perpetrate that Satanic shtick  This was after the amazing band Black Sabbath, when he went solo….Barking at the Moon. I’m guessing this happened once and it was a fake bat, but who am I to say. I was scared of those records when my classmates played them, because I thought I was giving the devil a foothold into my soul.

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Lil Slashers T Shirt

by on February 21, 2013


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Ah. How cute is that? Freddie Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason (Friday the 13th), and  Michael Myers (Halloween) when they were little guys. And it looks like they picked up the psychological baggage pretty early. They’re already slashing at age 3. Probably had a little fetal alcohol syndrome and perhaps an encounter or two with the Catholic church’s finest.

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I Love Sci-Fi T Shirt

by on February 21, 2013


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Wait…isn’t it Scy Fy? What’s this early 2000s Sci-Fi business? Do the kids even know what that means? Don’t get me wrong. I hate the Scy Fy spelling. It makes no sense to me, but maybe that’s because I’m 68 years old.

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Okay, yes, we have a space shuttle. But, I’m not so sure we have jet packs, despite what you saw in the 3rd Season of Arrested Development. I mean I have really rich spoiled friends and I’ve never seen them flying around. Wait, maybe that’s the part of their lives I’m getting shunned away from. Oh shit, I think my impoverished heart has just sort of broken, because of a damn t-shirt that’s calling out one of the best movies of all time: Back to the Future II and the snazzy pink hoverboard (is that one word or two?).

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Italian Stallion T Shirt

by on February 16, 2013


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Love this one, except that I try to stay away from irony as much as possible, because if I let myself get too deep into it, I would probably turn into an over-the-hill hipster douche bag, which would be pretty awful. A 42-year-old man in skinny jeans is not a sight anybody should behold. And those damn glasses frames. Ugh.

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It’s a movie by Noah Baumbach (actually I think that was The Squid and The Whale, but that’s close enough), and a classic scene in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. And, now, of course, it’s only appropriate that the epic fight of two massive ocean creatures ends up on a t-shirt. Wouldn’t you like to be hanging out in your swimming trunks with a visor on, sitting in a old school lawn chair with replacement webbing, watching this battle way down in the dark, cold, mysterious depths of the Indian Ocean?

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111 Archer Avenue T Shirt

by on February 12, 2013


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Hey, this is the address of the Tenenbaum residence in The Royal Tenenbaums. I love that movie. Favorite Wes Anderson movie for sure. I feel like he’s gone super nutty since. Life Aquatic, Darjeeling, and that Boy Scout movie. Still watchable, but not like The Royal Tenenbaums. Sad thing is that I had no idea what the address signified until I looked it up. Guess I’m not one of those completest fans that know every detail.

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Chomp Unchained T Shirt

by on February 11, 2013


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What is Chomp? The Unchained part calls to mind the Django Unchained movie title, but what’s this Chomp business. Okay, I found it. Surprisingly, it’s about a video game called Super Mario Bros 3. Not sure if you’ve heard of it. This chomper is hooked to a chain and goes after Mario. It breaks free after so many attempts.

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Ah, first date and the full moons are out. How serendipitous and beautiful. I wonder how this two met. Would be extra poignant if it was during an epic struggle between good and evil. I guess the families don’t know yet, since this is only a first date, but I wonder if there will be issues with the cross-species coupling?

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