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Nice mashup right here. The fedora of Indiana Jones on the helmet head of Darth Vader. Terrific, but super confusing, especially for the kids. I mean what are they to believe if they see this. Indiana Jones is a good man. Darth Vader is bad. Can we really let them mix up good and evil. Could get very dangerous if the kids don’t know right from wrong.

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Mel Brooks plays the wise Yoda character in the sci-fi spoof Spaceballs. His catch phrase is may the Schwartz Be With You, rather than Yoda’s May the Force Be With You. Get it?

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Three simple rules:

1. Never underestimate your opponent…expect the unexpected (wait was that one or two rules)
2. Take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it’s absolutely necessary.
3. Be nice.

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Nice way to slip in a very dirty sexual reference. Drop an iceberg in the mix and everybody becomes frigid, except those that truly dig the plea for just the tiniest little bit of sex. If you like the word/imageplay going on here, and you like to convince girls to give it up by promising just the tip. Or if you’re a girl that demands just the tip as you’re getting to know each other then this Just the Tip T Shirt is a no brainer purchase.

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David Cross does a heck of a job as Tobias Funke on the show Arrested Development and if you enjoyed his work then you probably need this Tobias Funke T Shirt, because there is no other shirt out in this great wide universe that really says Tobias Funke like this one. I mean this is hard core Tobias Funke, and Tobias Funke only. Glasses. Mustache. Male pattern baldness.

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It’s probably been way too long since I’ve seen Fight Club, so I better put it in the Netflix queue and watch it again because it is a spectacular movie. Of course, it’s awesome, because Chuck Palahniuk’s book is one of the best of all time. No joke. Of course, I’m totally into Palahniuk. I’ve read all his twisted shit and love it.

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It’s becoming clear to me that math is a very important part of the lives of 67% of my readers. I suck at math, but I’m good at finding math shirts, so things work out in the end. If I knew anything about math, I would have made some clever pun right about there. We also have 90s movies and throwback 80s dancing in the hot stuff of the week mix.

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More human than human. Love that tagline. Blade Runner…good movie? Not so good? Harrison Ford…good actor? Not so good? I actually liked Blade Runner and Ford’s work in the film, which is why I highly recommend the Tyrell Genetic Replicants T Shirt.

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This corporate retreat in Raccoon City in 1998 was epic. The Umbrella Corporation put on one kind of event. One to remember for a lifetime. They were in the business of making memories I tell ya. If you were there or wish you were then you probably need to pick up this Umbrella Corporation Corporate Retreat T Shirt before the price sky rockets once people realize this is a very scarce and valuable collectors item.

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I always get confused with Alien from 1979 and its sequel Aliens from 1986. Especially since I’ve never seen the movies. It makes it hard to keep track of which is which. I believe this Powerloader 5000 T Shirt is from Aliens with Sigourney Weaver calling the alien a bitch and fighting it while in this human controlled robotic arm machine thing.

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This movie, BeetleJuice, was a Tim Burton classic back in the day with Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder and some other actors that you may have heard of but I don’t have the time to look up on IMDB. Of course, you probably weren’t alive in 1988, so you may not have seen it or be aware of it. Of course, I thought that about Back to the Future and everybody in the world is in love with that one, so this could be a timeless classic as well. I just have no idea because I don’t leave the house and actually speak to anybody, especially not the youth of today.

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Whenever you can mashup one of the most iconic crime, drug, gangster films with the most addictive app in the iTunes store you have to do it, especially for the kids. I mean Tony Montana is angry just like those birds, and neither likes the pigs. Get it pigs. Ha Ha. Anyway, that black and white portrait  with red lettering is spectacular and has stood the test of time for the Scarface franchise, which maybe is a slightly overrated movie, but it has garnered acceptance and adulation in every corner of the globe by every race, religion, and creed. OK that may have overstated a bit, but I see Scarface jackets and tees in the ghetto all the time, so that means something. The film is 28 years old. Pacino did the thing. It’s timeless.

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