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Down on his luck dude finds sunglasses that enable to him to see the truth behind the human masks. Aliens! And, they’re trying to brainwash the people into submission with messages like Obey Consume Conform Sleep. John Carpenter, who’s a horror dude, directed this film, so there’s probably some blood and gore in it. And perhaps it’s a bit of a cult classic. I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m trying to piece together bits and pieces to come up with some sort of narrative.

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I love Pulp Fiction. I love the burgers for breakfast scene. Samuel L. Jackson is spectacular. I love how he eats the dude’s Big Kahuna Burger and washes it down with Sprite. And, I’m sure you love these things too, which means there is no reason to not love this Big Kahuna Burger T Shirt. Damn that movie came out 17 years ago. Seeing it in the theater was the greatest moment in my life, because, for some reason, my mom was in a good mood (might of had something to do with that plumber fixing the bathroom fixture…as she made sure he was doing a proper job with the door closed…man those water pipes make weird dying dog noises), and she let me go to the theater, and even gave me $5.25 to see the matinee. I road my banana seat bike over to the Cineplex, and enjoyed the heck out of that fine Tarantino film.

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A mashup of Carmen Miranda and a Storm Trooper. How cliche. Just kidding. This Storm Trooper Miranda T Shirt is spectacular. I mean you really can’t lose when a Storm Trooper from Star Wars is taken out of context and placed in other whacky positions, and having tons of colorful necklaces and a fruit basket on his head, makes this particular Storm Trooper funny and appealing.

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Not really sure what to say about this shirt other than it’s really cool looking. Kind of a hipster looking dude with the jacket, button down, shoes, pants…you know the drill, but instead of a bearded face and thick-rimmed glasses, we have a horse head. Not sure if he’s in the middle of a dance move or he’s been caught stealing candy bars from the liquor store, but the image is full of kinetic energy. And, of course, that is why you should get this Eddie Horse Head T Shirt right now.

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Jason uses a lot of weapons to kill people in the very fine cinematic series Friday the 13th. I’m not into horror films myself. In fact, I can’t stand them because they’re gross and they scare me, and I get neurotic, and therapists are expensive, and they want to keep seeing me, because I don’t show a lot of progress. But, I encourage anybody that’s down with the bloody, gory, scary shit to seriously consider the merits of this Jason’s Arsenal T Shirt. It is pretty ingenious with weapons shaped as the iconic mask.

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This lamp has made it onto a lot of t-shirts, but this Leg Lamp T Shirt stands out. I like the black art on the red shirt color. Very classy looking shirt, which it needs to be, because the lamp was a major award. How many times have you seen A Christmas Story? Three times. Five times. Two dozen. It’s a very watchable film, and is perfect for getting you in the holiday spirit. Take the experience up one notch and get the t-shirt to wear as you watch the movie.

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It’s a classic Christmas movie t-shirt, featuring the doofus thieves from Home Alone.

The Wet Bandits, Marv and Harry, Escaped. Be on the lookout. Warning: These criminals are armed and clumsy. I have to admit Home Alone was an entertaining movie, Marv and Harry were pretty slapstick hilarious. Do you need any more reasons, during this holiday season to purchase the Home Alone Wet Bandits T Shirt and wear it all year ’round.

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You got your little play on words to that Jay Z song. Might be his only good song that 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. He might have another so all you haters out there keep it cool. Keep that saliva in your mouth, though if you want some civil discourse on the merits on Jay Z’s music, please put some words down in the comments. Of course, I think his work as 1% owner of the Brooklyn Nets has been nothing short of spectacular.

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This is in reference to the Monty Python skit about a dead parrot. John Cleese has always been a funny dude. Plus, if you don’t live in the UK, a good dose of that accent is good for the soul. Of course, you need this This Parrot Has Ceased to Exist T Shirt because there’s a dead parrot on it, and who doesn’t want to walk around with a dead parrot on their chest. I know I’m game for a dead parrot tee, and if you’re cool, like me, you’re game too. Am I right?

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This of course is a shirt referencing the fine SNL skit, which I can’t find a clip of anywhere. What the hell? The closest I can get is Alec Baldwin doing the monologue and talking about the actual Ben & Jerry’s flavor Schweddy Balls, that a group was protesting. Enjoy!

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“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

Little known fact: Ray Parker Jr. was deathly afraid of ghosts and was totally lying as he sang the Ghostbusters theme song. Sometimes you gotta do things for money that you aren’t necessarily proud of, and Ray saying that wasn’t afraid of no ghosts, when really he suffered from Phasmaphobia is right up there with blasphemy as one of the unpardonable sins. Are there ghosts in hell?

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Can I refill your eggnog? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead? This Christmas Vacation Christmas Moose Mug T Shirt is the perfect apparel to wear to your next holiday party, especially if that party involves an annoying relative or hated co-worker. Because you’ll really feel the meaning of the shirt, I mean FEEL IT, when you’re stuck in the corner in a bullshit conversation, trying to figure out how to escape without throwing a punch or being disowned by the family rude.

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