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Little known fact that Albert Einstein liked to mess around with biology when not devising theories and hypotheses about energy, physics, and pottery. He’s the one that drew up the human centipede that was long forgotten for being too weird, but picked up as a film script in the modern day, because today people are perverted, sick and twisted and want to watch cinema about evil doctors binding the gastrointestinal systems of three people like a centipede.

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Sweet lord, nice little mashup with the Doctors. Doctor Who and Doctor Seuss with Horton the elephant standing by the ubiquitous telephone booth from which all the magic of the long standing syfy series flows.

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Night of the Creeps mixed with Beaker of The Muppets makes a very nice little tee for all the boys and girls with a little horror film/puppet love.

Go ahead and pick up a Night of the Meeps T Shirt and you will see the respect you get from your family, neighbors, coworkers, and peers rise exponentially. Seriously. It’s proven. People will respect you at least 59% more when you wear this shirt.

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Nice little Toy Story Buzz Lightyear reference right here. Throw in a dash of math geek and you have a pretty cool tee that requires people to think a little before they know what it means. You probably need to get your hands on the 2 Infinity & <  T Shirt if you’re a Toy Story fan. It’s a pretty great catch phrase. It feels like it’s weighty and means something positive. Of course, if you really think, it really doesn’t mean that much at all, especially with the pending implosion of the planet.

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24 Tee is another one of these shirt a day t-shirt shops, but they differentiate themselves with really clean, really cool designs.

Basically, they post a shirt at midnight and you have 24 hours to purchase. Otherwise, it’s gone and you live with bitter regret for the rest of your miserable days. What I’m saying is…unless you have cash in hand and are ready to make a purchase right when you hit the site, you better not even go. The disappointment of seeing a shirt you like — they pump out a lot of great ones — and forgetting to get it within the allotted time is a terrible, terrible feeling.

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Um, if I think this band sux, does that mean I should like this shirt, because it sort of makes fun of their creative band naming process, and perhaps hints that a band that goes for Eve 6 as their name probably lacks that certain something in other bandly ways as well? That’s the way I’m going to take this Possible Band Names Eve 6 T Shirt.

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This is a ballsy move by gabielng to tweak the logo of a cinematic institution like Ghostbusters. Especially, going to the backside and show the bare end of the iconic ghost. Oh and this Ghost Buttsters t shirt is frickin’ funny too. This is like a behind the scenes look at that the moment this powerful logo came together.

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I admit it. I love this song and I especially love the video…looking at these dudes with their scraggly beards. And tight white pants. And Hollywood, FL tans. And three guys strolling like lovers. And lip synch. And, amazingly white veneers bursting out of Barry’s mouth. And boots. And acting skills. And deserted town. And dramatic doorway moves. And peek around wood beams moves. These are the types of well thought out reasons that should convince you to watch the video and more importantly to keep the feelin’ alive by purchasing this Stayin’ Alive T Shirt sooner than later.

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You don’t see a fully bearded super hero very often now do you? It’s quite refreshing, which is why you need to own the Super Ray T Shirt. You will refresh 5 out of 6 people that you meet, and that’s a good percentage and worth so much more you’re going to pay to Busted Tees for them to deliver your size to your door.

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Great movie because Wes Anderson and Noah Bambauch are a great writing team. Wes is a great director. Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Anjelica Huston are great in the film. And it’s plain weird. Plus, I discovered Seu Jorge while watching the film. Basically, all the reason you’ll ever need to own this The Belafonte T Shirt, which, of course, is the name of the featured boat.

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Nice little play on the There Will Be Blood movie title, which was a movie I liked a lot. So, the question is…does this cheapen the film by inserting a popular food meme into the title. I say, Daniel Day Lewis’ performance was too good for any such There Will Be Bacon T Shirt to sully it, even if that shirt from Snorg Tees sells 42 million units as projected.

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This is the second ODB t shirt in about a week that I have Stumbled Upon. What magnificence! Dude was the real deal back in the day, before he died of complications from scabies, AIDS, crack, and gonorrhea. I just made up the cause of death, but he was a wild child, so some of that shit is probably accurate. Anyways, his best song was Dirty Dancing, so you’re going to need to listen to it now on your iPod or if for some unfathomable reason, you don’t have instant access to it, you’re gonna need to listen to the video below. Okay? Do as I say. It’s the new year and this is the way to kick it off.

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