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This Montana Enterprises T Shirt is obviously a shout out to the lovely film Scarface starring this dude Al Pacino. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Maybe you’ve heard of the movie, since every other t-shirt and/or jacket in all urban areas in the US references the film. It’s cocaine and gangsta violence on Miami Beach. What more could you possibly want?

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These are the types of eternal questions that every woman and man must ask themselves in a quiet moment. It’s crucial to the discovery of the sense of self, and for the integration into the universal mind to ask why. So go ahead and get this If I Am Not Batman Then Why Am I So Good at the Batdance T Shirt to remind yourself to ask the deep questions. Often.

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This would be as good a ticket as any. Maybe better. These two probably wouldn’t worry as much about keeping the status quo and blowing Super Pacs and kowtowing to the evil financial industry elite. They have money. They don’t to worry about jumping through the revolving door from corporate politician to corporate board room.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

Nice work with the Kill Bill jump suit and sword and the 8-bit pixelly look. Of course, the word kung fu makes me laugh no matter what. I think it’s the way the word looks on screen and the way my tongue moves when I say it. Or something. Maybe it’s the chop chop movies where the baddest asses have strong kung fu that makes me smile with their dubbed voices and cartoon punch noises.

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I totally on accident typed Jews instead of Jaws. Maybe it was my subconscious way of saying Steven Spielberg is Jewish and he has made some incredible movies, including this one. Or maybe I really shouldn’t have shared that little anecdote, because I am not Jewish. Probably doesn’t matter too much. What is important is that this Orca Crew Weekend Charter Boats T Shirt is excellently and is a perfect design to celebrate and remember and honor the movie Jaws.

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Ted is a movie directed and written by The Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane, starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis and a talking Teddy Bear. It hits theaters, July 13. Judging from the clip below and the R rating it looks like this cutesy teddy has a potty mouth, so that’s cool. Mark and the bear are thunder buddies. They’re both a little scared of thunder so they support each other to get through the storm. Very sweet.

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Basically, there should be a t-shirt designed at least every week in honor of what many people consider the worst movie ever made. This takes a little bit of sleuthing, but if you stare hard enough at this Nilbog T Shirt you’ll discover that that word is Goblin backwards. Gives you chills up your spine when you realize that. Am I right?

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

We’re obviously talking about the movie Jumanji right here.  Some esoteric mention of Sonny Jim and all the millions of Jumanji fans are totally intrigued.

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Nice little play on probably the most famous scene from Lord of the Rings. Gandalf telling that fire-breathing, horned, devil beast that he shall not pass, allowing the crew to get to safety. Put in modern times, Gandalf is the stop light and that beast (or mouth-breathing a**hole who’s been riding your ass for 15 blocks now) is going to have to stop because of the power of the white wizard.

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Space Balls. May the Schwartz Be With You. Mel Brooks put together some goofus movies in his time and this certainly was no exception. I like taking the piss out of Yoda and the Force of Star Wars fame, because it’s all just a little too ponderous and meaningful.

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Great scene in The Princess Bride with Fezzik picking up rocks to throw at Westley. The reason Fezzik is so good with the very large rocks is that he was in the club as a youth. That’s why you should get this Fezzik’s Rock Fighting Club T Shirt.

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5 elements amber ale t shirtMilla Jovovich makes any beer label or t-shirt or stupid syfy movie look better, don’t you think. Especially, in the weird white tape outfit. Weird movie The Fifth Element and dumb and goofy, but still somewhat compelling. This 5 Elements Pale Ale T Shirt is better than the movie and it helps you to remember the good times with Milla, and you can thank Tshirt Bordello for that.

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