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Misery! Kathy Bates! James Caan!

Hey, it’s a sweet little penguin referencing the 1990s Misery, which was the movie adaptation of a novel by Stephen King. Directed by Rob Reiner. Have you seen it. It’s good. And that little penguin comes up in a great scene that I have found for you below. Enjoy!

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This is great. Remember the famous Tupac h0logram concert at Coachella 2012? Kind of creepy but kind of cool. Well, the scene with R2D2 projecting Princess Leia was also kind of creepy and cool, so this mashup makes perfect sense, especially since it’s super funny, which is the pinnacle of shirt design in my mind.

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Continuing on their string of great cinema and beer label mashups, Tshirt Bordello uses the classic, Jaws, for inspiration. Quint’s Blackwater Rum is a great name for booze. I’m also very fond of the mermaids sitting on the anchor and the sharks hovering ominously all over the place.

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Isla Nublar T Shirt

by on March 27, 2013


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Isla Nublar is, of course, where Jurassic Park was to be located but there was a little incident, which became a big PR nightmare and the amazing theme park idea went down the toilet. Classic movie. Now, can anybody tell me what all the locations on that map mean?

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Every time I see one of these cat movie mashups from Captain Feline, I marvel at how amazing the design is. If you love the cats and Star Wars, I’m not sure how you still haven’t purchased this tee yet. You were born to wear this one. It is your destiny. I mean look at that Death Star subtly floating in the background. And that flowing cape.

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I think this shirt should be called Neospoonin’ but Snorg calls it There is No Spoon. That makes me think of the kid bending it, and not the slow mo bullet dodging that Neo is so adept at. Nonetheless, it’s sort of fun to think that the spoon was dodging dozens of little bullets, while that kid was holding it.

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Darth Vader seems to have a pretty great vertical. He can really get up in the air. He’s palming the Death Star, which looks orange (probably because of some strange angle and the light of the sun bouncing off). He’s got pretty great form. I wonder if he’ll stand over the defender and taunt him after he slams it? Seems like a Vader move.

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Have a medical degree does garner you a modicum of trust. Being a practicing doctor for years makes you very trusted. And, being a well-known doctor on TV like Dr. McCoy makes you the most trusted man on Earth, just about. Dr. McCoy has my trust. How about you? If so, you should probably prove it by purchasing this shirt an wearing it during a 7 day Star Trek marathon.

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This must be a line from Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park. I can’t find it and I don’t remember ever watching those movies, so I’m just going by the pic on the shirt. Can someone confirm this for me?

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Batgirl Tank Dress

by on March 24, 2013


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Sexy dress. Yellow and black is always a great color combination. If you see a girl wearing this one well, and you’re a nerd, you should probably ask her to marry you immediately. Make sure she’s of age though.

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Have you seen the trailer to the new movie Spring Breakers. Me neither. Let’s watch it together. Shall we?

Well then…that’s a little dark. Girls committing crimes to make money to go to Spring Break and shake their asses on the beach. Then they get mixed up with a very charismatic criminal played by the grill-laden, tattoo-covered, cornrow-wearin’ James Franco.

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Somebody got a preview copy or saw a trailer because The Hangover 3 starring the lovely and talented Zach Galifianakis isn’t going to be released in theaters until May 24 according to my inside sources [].

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