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This is like MY shirt, what with living in the basement and following my mom’s rules. There are perks you know. Don’t have to pay too much rent. I can sneak Funyuns out of the pantry when she’s at work. And, I get compliments on my appearance, which boosts my confidence and, basically, allows me to continue being awesome on the Internet.

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Man, who can forget the end of Season 2 of Game of Thrones. What a spectacular scene as Daenerys survives the fire and comes out as the drag queen, I mean dragon queen. Oh, and she was naked so that was a bonus. This design captures the sexy.

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PILF T Shirt

by on July 1, 2012

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For all you that haven’t seen American Pie where MILF (Mother is Lookin’ Fine) first hit the world’s consciousness, then let me give you a clue as to what PILF means. Pie is lookin’ fine. No joke. That’s where were at in this world. You can feel free to be scared or encouraged right now. I prefer to be encouraged that people are being transparent with this stuff now. I personally have never understood putting food on a pedestal, so it’s not my deal. And tell the world about it with this design from Banished Shirts.

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I caught up with Aubrey over at Momfia Tees for an email interview about her very fine, brand new shirt shop recently launched for Moms. She and Valerie run the show with design assistance from Aubrey’s husband Midgerock, who has done an excellent job conveying the attitude and humor of this Mom + Mafia (get it?) crew in black and white designs…with a touch of green and orange olive in the martini.

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There seems to a be steady stream of funny t shirts with the word mother or mom on them. Why? Because the whole mother thing is powerful concept and anything that resonates with so many people (everybody had a mom), potentially can trigger a firestorm of interest and flood of hilarity.

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Happy Mother’s Day.

Not necessarily super funny, but these Plumpy animals make me smile, so I think that counts, especially on Mother’s Day. By the way I wish I could take credit for calling the creatures on this Plumpy Mother and Child T Shirt plumpy, but that credit goes to the designer, Anastasiia Kucherenko.

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Not sure where this Your Mom 74 People Like This T Shirt is going. Because we near Mother’s Day I choose to interpret it as your mom is popular and people like her, which is a very nice thing. However, if I think too hard, I might start to consider that the designer, Desperation UK, meant that maybe 74 people have carnal knowledge of your mom, which is sort of an unsavory thought. So, banish that from your mind, and think of the good interpretation.

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This is Sheldon Cooper at his finest. Superhero tee, smile, and a goofy statement. You probably really want this I’m Not Insane My Mother Had Me Tested T Shirt because all of the important elements came together very nicely. And I give Lauren Eldridge-Murray much credit for that, since she designed it and made it available for sale at Red Bubble.

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Don’t Tell My Mother I’m In… is a National Geographic show, where they travel all over and experience life in out of the way places. See the video below for an example. This Astronaut Don’t Tell My Mom T Shirt must mean, don’t tell my mom I’m on the moon. Am I getting this right? Can somebody help me with this. I’m sure I’ve grasped all the implications.

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Damn! Did you hear what this I’m the Mayor of Your Mom on Foursquare T Shirt just said about your momma? I wouldn’t take that at all. If that was me I’d totally mess that shirt up, because that’s disrespectful. What are you gonna do about it?

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And, so what if we’re more. So what if we’re passionate lovers. She’s lonely. Dad is always at work. Totally ignores her. She’s still got a lot of lovin’ to give, but you’ll need to remember the truth by getting this I Swear Your Mom and I Are Just Facebook Friends T Shirt. There’s all kinds of creepy going on with this tee, but the mostest is that that kid is about nine years old. That’s jailbait for mommy.

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Mom Says High T Shirt

by on March 29, 2011

Mom is from the fifties and she’s smoking a joint and she has that pointy nose and high cheekbones that all white moms in the 50s had in the United States. And, she doesn’t care if you or your friends see her lighting up doobies because she’s liberated. Your Dad left her two months ago and at first it was hard, because your whole identity gets wrapped up in relationship, but when it breaks off abruptly, especially the way this one did (young cocktail waitress, trip to Mexico, lies, deceit, and an obvious charge on the credit card statement at the local adult “toys” shop. Well, it sped up Mom’s process. She immediately started to let deep feelings rule, and one of the new things she tried that has made it into consistent rotation in her life is getting high. Good for her.

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