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Meme T Shirts: If they went viral on the Internet, the memes found their way onto T-shirts.

This is good stuff right here. I can only imagine what the clues are to help the diligent pirate crossworder find his way in this difficult puzzle. Is this from the Sunday New Pirate Times? Or is it a more simple United Pirate Today? These are the details that would make the back story to this Pirate Crossword T Shirt very fascinating.

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Finally a decent Cigar Guy T Shirt. I’ve been wondering when this day would come for a long time. The Tiger Woods photo captured such a multifaceted, splendid moment, including the insouciant Cigar Guy, that I thought for sure there would be multiple Cigar Guy Shirts to review. But no such luck. This one is pretty good. I’d rather have the entire body, because the outfit and the jaunty stance was absolutely sublime, but, hey, the wig, cigar and fake moustache make for a pretty good attempt.

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You have seen the double rainbow guy’s video already. I don’t even need to link to that. Right? Basically, Bear Vasquez took a hit a acid, stomped around the woods, and ended up seeing a double rainbow, which made him freak out, because of the significance of it all. He couldn’t wrap his mind around “what does it all mean.” Hence, you have a What Does It Mean T Shirt for sale. If you’re into wearing the latest in Internet sensations on your chest then this is probably a very terrific shirt for you.

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Cigar Guy T Shirt Update

by on October 20, 2010

You certainly remember when the Cigar Guy hit the Internet by storm for a minute. Well, the folks over at the Daily Mail figured out the dude was unassuming, Rupesh Shingadia. Seems he  was actually trying to honor the “play by his own rules” style of Spanish golfer, Miguel Angel Jimenez. He wasn’t really trying to be a star, but he entered the zeitgeist for sure.  Anyway, I had predicted in my last Cigar Guy T Shirt post that their would be many shirts featuring Rupesh popping up. In fact, I have only found one over at, and it isn’t really what I’m looking for. It goes in an outlandish direction, when I think this subject needs to be portrayed accurately, because of the fantastic humor in the ginger wig, the moustache, the cigar, and the unintentional pose.

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Wait! There were Mexican Pirates in a LAKE between Texas and Mexico. What? Wait! There’s water land locked water between Texas and Mexico. What?

My condolescences to the Hartley family, especially wife, Tiffany Hartley, but that story sounds like something you’d see in a Tim Burton movie or something. Fantastical and horrible.

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Cigar Guy T Shirt

by on October 6, 2010

Second Update: Now, we’re getting somewhere, actually capturing some of the magic. This Cigar Guy headshot features some of the best details.

Update: Here’s a t shirt featuring a cartoonishly buff Cigar Guy. Not sure I agree with the approach, since the outfit he had on and the particular way his hip juts out, and the hands in the pocket are much of what makes cigar guy, the cigar guy.

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This is a terrific little pirate shirt. It has everything: the mention of rum, a ship, and a treasure map. Plus, the wordplay makes it funny. This is certainly a solid play here by Snorg Tees. Very solid play. Rum does have that quickening effect like life has increased in speed, like the good times are rolling in like tsunami waves, except slower and more peaceful like sitting at the beach drinking a Mai Tai and talking about the latest Hannah Montana hijinx.

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In case you’ve been living in a government issued canvas tent warding off mosquitoes and bears for the last few months, then you probably know the Double Rainbow meme. If not, here’s the synopsis. This wild hippie dude is hiking and comes upon a vista that features a double rainbow. While filming, he just flips out with overwhelm, exclaiming what does it mean about 20 times. Could be peyote, pot, or simply the nature buzz every good hippie can cop, especially coming upon a beautiful natural phenomenon.

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Apparently, there was this show called Seinfeld where some neighbors sat around and talked a lot. It was a massive success. This shirt is in reference to a beloved episode where the Jerry Seinfeld (like the name of the show), which is his real name, except he’s a fictional character in the show, which is totally confusing…anyway, he doesn’t want to wear the puffy shirt.

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Size Matters is a pretty dorky name for this tshirt. Doesn’t really capture the humor that’s going on here. Don’t get me wrong the graphic artistry is top notch in delivering the funny, but the name just doesn’t work. Apparently, there was a popularity contest to name, which is why there’s a little disconnect. The pros designed it but didn’t name it.

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Sure try again, but do so after coming to the bare bones, cold light realization that you are not Chuck Norris. You’re a lesser human. You will never succeed as Chuck succeeds. You will never reach the heights that Chuck has reached. You will never fight Bruce Lee to the death, lose, then get right back up and continue a remarkable acting career.

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Modern Pirates Tee

by on February 13, 2009

modern-pirates-tshirtThere’s really not much commentary to add to Glennz Tees. They just strike you as funny from the get. The weird juxtapositions, the precise art. The shirts are simply amazing and quite amusing.

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