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Meme T Shirts: If they went viral on the Internet, the memes found their way onto T-shirts.

This pretty much captures all of the LOL Cats you see on the Internet. Do you agree? On this LOLCat Taxonomy T Shirt we have the following…

~ felis melonus
~ felis happyus
~ felis omgus
~ felis ceilingus
~ felis diabeetus
~ felis basementus
~ felis serious
~ felis keyboardus
~ felis eatedus

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Somebody had to go there. I mean it was a ripe fruit for the picking. And, I’m proud to say that Donkey Ts did it and they did it well. You know how awesome Chuck Norris is, and you know how stealthy he can be when he breaks in to mansions in Abbottabad, Pakistan. So, celebrate the greatest American to have ever walked the Earth (no really he’s walked every square foot of the Earth), and just one of his thousands of remarkable deeds by purchasing and wearing often the Chuck Norris Killed Bin Laden T Shirt.

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This Pedo Bear dude has been around since 2004. I know I looked it up. He started out in Japan as just a cute little ASCII drawing, but turned into something much more sinister as it made it’s way to the United States. How in the hell do these things happen? I have no idea but I’m happy they do, because they’re funny as can be. Plus, you can take the original Pedo Bear concept–cute cuddly thing, but molests children in alley ways, and on the banks of creeks–and run wild, including this offering with Pedo Bear as the mascot for the Little Tikes Summer Camp T Shirt. Very nice.

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Of course, the game is if you think about the game, you just lost the game. So, if you see this Japanese You Just Lost the Game T Shirt you lose the game. It’s not a permanent mark on your record or anything, but you did just lose, because the shirt triggered the thought and the thought is the lose. Of course, if you don’t read Japanese you would have to read the fine print on the shirt, because it says: “Translation: You Just Lost the Game!” on the front. And, on the back it says: “Translation: Crushing Defeat.”

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Nice little mashup of a king and a pirate on a playing card, which is always a nice place to start when building an interesting design. Playing cards are so dang pleasing to the eye with their intricate detail and their social classes.

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Everybody is playing the game whether they know it or not. If you think about The Game, you lose the game. Loss is not forever, only until you forget about the game. The ultimate objective of this game is to forget you ever heard about it…forget that exists. That’s going to be hard when you buy the You Just Lost The Game T Shirt. Of course, maybe when you get this shirt from Snorg Tees you’ve embraced the fact that you will never forget The Game, and now you’re dragging other people down with you. Or, maybe you’re just trying to get other people to accept their fate: losers of the game.

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Damn. These Venn Diagrams are all over the Internet, especially in the funny t shirt world. I must have seen two or three in the last year. Combine that white hotness with the taking over the world popularity of zombies, aliens and robots and you have a shirt that will probably just internally combust because it is so damn awesome, trend, hot.

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Nice little use of a Venn Diagram to capture the confusion that y creates when considering the vowels. You see Y is a consonant but sometimes it is a vowel. You remember the little member aid: A E I O U and sometimes Y. Because you like to harken back to the good ol’ elementary days on occasion, you should probably go ahead and get the Sometimes Y T Shirt.

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Reason number 974 that I love the Internet. The amazingly random pop culture personalities that get picked up and turned into cultural icons and Internet memes. Chuck Norris is in the pantheon. The name Chuck Norris conjures an indestructible, undefeatable, super man. But, he’s not a super hero, because that’s cheap. He is a man with incredible will, strength, stamina, intellect, and raw gravitas, rolled up into a hairy red-headed hero package.

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

Okay, let’s go down the list from Pew Research Center Publications to start this 2010 featured story list to put this year to rest.

Earthquake in Haiti
Hmmm, I’m thinking there’s not much to joke about here, thus, there was not a lot of t shirts pumped out. Maybe something about Wyclef Jean trying to be president should be printed, but I haven’t seen it.

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The main concept of the Meme Shirts site is taking Internet memes and featuring them on their funny t shirts. They have all the memes worth memorializing with t shirts. Check it out. And, you know what the real cool thing  about this site is? Glad you asked. They keep getting better. The first time I visited this site it looked like  a bunion on Madeline Albright’s left big toe…you couldn’t even see the shirts and, I don’t know, I think there was poop smeared on the navigation bar…but now it looks great.

They had a great idea. They made a concerted effort in the market place, and now they’re tightening and brightening the presentation. I like that approach. And the designs are dope like early 90s hip hop…which, by the way, was the golden age.

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You sort of love Yosemite Mountain Bear for his enthusiasm and his passion, and the release he experienced seeing a wonderful site in nature. He gives us humor with sincerity, which is a very rare thing and worth all the attention and adulation. His video has 21.7 million views. Jimmy Kimmel has interviewed him. And, of course, there are funny t shirts dedicated to the YouTube moment.

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