Meme T Shirts

Meme T Shirts: If they went viral on the Internet, the memes found their way onto T-shirts.

When you hear “assume the position” you often think of someone needing to bend over in order to facilitate an anal raping. Or perhaps bending over to get paddled black and blue for some sort of initiation. This Assume the Position T Shirt brings up a little more festive take on the phrase. Unless, of course, you can’t smoothly get into the position and you hurt yourself. Then, we’re back at assuming the pain and suffering position.

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It’s like the secondary discussion they’re having in the NBA right now as they lock out and quibble over billions. How to enable small market teams to compete with big market teams. Level the hardwood. This Level the Planking Field T Shirt touches on a similar issue. Actually, that’s a terrible comparison.

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This look is now an Internet meme. Any activity that deserves its own fictional association boasts a red, white and blue logo. Where did this start? Well, it actually started with Major League Baseball in 1968. A guy by the name of Jerry Dior put it together while working for New York-based marketing company, Sandgren & Murtha.

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Get in on the ground floor of this Planking T Shirt juggernaut. It’s totally going to take off and last for like at least a half century. You do not have to worry that you’ll plop down your hard-earned money and 72 days later no one has any idea what planking is. Not going to happen. Laying face down on your stomach, stiff as a board is going to stand the test of time.

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I put together the definitive list of planking t shirts for your pleasure and shopping convenience. Check these out because they’re going to make your life about 41% better.


Available in men's and women's sizes.

Hey, for a planker any time spent not planking is very rare, which makes this If You Can Read This I’m Not Planking T Shirt pretty dang funny and important in the grand scheme of planking life. There are very stringent rules on what constitutes proper planking, and one of the main rules is you have to be stiff as a board on your stomach.

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Planking is all the rage with the kids. You lie down face down and stiff…and you’re planking. Take a picture and load it to Facebook and now you’re just as cool as that teenager next door. Good job. Now, take it to the next level. Get the Planking It’s Extreme Laying Down T Shirt.

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This pirate actually has a blouse that is not plastered with Ironic Witticisms, so if we assume he’s talkin’ then this Not All of My Garments Contain Ironic Witticisms T Shirt speaks great truth. What’s all meta about this shirt from Busted Tees is that this shirt happens to feature an ironic witticism, which is what makes it so deep and intriguing and full of life force.

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Squeeze all the biggie internet memes into one succinct Zombie Pirate Ninja T Shirt. It’s a real time saver when you’re at the get-together or in a bar and you’re trying to strike up conversation, and you’re starting to list off all the things you like. You can just point to the tee and everything is quite clear.

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Nice little play on words here. Meme-orial Day Sale at Busted Tees. All of their Internet meme-related t shirts are only $12 through May 31, 2011. I see 30 great shirts available at this jaw-dropping price, so celebrate the 3-Day weekend in style. Do it!

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Seems so cute. The picture of the goat is cute. The girl is cute. Nice sweet little shirt. In fact, you may even want to get it for a sweet little kid. But, if you remember a few years, Goatse Farm was an Internet meme. Basically, it was saying do you want to see Goatse Farms and it sounds idyllic so you click the link and the most horrific shock site was there awaiting you. And you projectile vomited on your screen. And cried for two hours straight and scrubbed your eyeballs with soft hand soap to no avail.

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A nice play on the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan that was pumped out by the British Government in 1939, during WWII. The saying really seems to have had a resurgence these days, which may be due in part to the fact that the world is starting to rapidly fall apart ecologically and economically. And, maybe the only way to really get a little break from the harsh realities is to play video games.

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