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Meme T Shirts: If they went viral on the Internet, the memes found their way onto T-shirts.

This Skyrim game is hugely popular and taking an Arrow in the Knee is an Internet meme. You put that phrase in the comments or on a message board and all of a sudden you become that guy. And, you know what, being that guy is not bad…really it has its perks. You may annoy all other commenters or message board contributors, but you still have a hook, unlike most of the boring freaks in the world that regularly post in forums across the globe.

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Pirate Droid. What a great concept! R2D2 as a pirate. They’re always on ships in Star Wars. Air ships. So, why not have some air pirating? Probably not as easy to catch and climb aboard a moving space ship as on water, but it can be done, especially when you have the skills of an R2D2 on your side.

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It’s another Internet meme t shirt. This particular one references a corny line from the video game Skyrim, and has now spread far and wide on the Internet as something you type when someone is doing a little brag commenting. Actually, I have no idea what it means but I used to be a funny t shirt blogger that gave a shit then I took an arrow to the knee.

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This, of course, is in reference to the Internet sensation Nyan Cat video, which you can see in its epic 10 hour form below. Enjoy! Or you could save some time and just buy the Cat Plus Pastry Equals Rainbow T Shirt and simply hum that tune over and over and over, until all your friends and family want to throttle the living daylights out of you. If I was making your choices for you, that is definitely what I would do.

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This is so true, except if they got the point they were laying down flat as a board on the plank they would be mocked into eternity by ship mates. Not only are they guilty of mutiny (or diddling the captain’s parrot), they are also showing great weakness by not walking the plank with great alacrity. Or maybe pirates are plankers, because they make their captives walk the plank on whims. If this is the case, then you can forgot the entire first bit that I typed up there.

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Nyan Cat Toaster T Shirt

by on September 27, 2011

Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

Apparently…wait let me start over, but I know this for sure. There is a 10-hour Youtube video of a certain cat that’s part pop tart, that flies in space shitting out rainbow to a spectacularly annoying but somewhat catchy tune. The twist is that the video is the same 10-second clip over and over. Amazing. Our future is in good hands. I’m assuming a young person put that thing together. No offense, but I could only make it through 6.5 hours. I thought 15 minutes was the video limit. Must have special privileges.

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U Mad, Bro? T Shirt

by on September 8, 2011

What we have here is a meme. This particular phrase is used on forums when someone is starting to get mad in a thread. Often considered trolling because this type of smart ass response often fuels the fire. Kind of funny for sure. Go check out Know Your Meme for the full history of this thing.

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There is a very little bit of the combination of bows and ties that is cool, but it is out there, and you can find it if you try. To start off with this Venn Diagram Bow Ties Cool T Shirt is pretty great. It harkens back to all the great bow tie wearers of yore, like, ummm, Winston Churchill and Pee Wee Herman.

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I took a picture of this sign at a college campus. Can you believe it? One drunken kid falls to his death from a railing while drunken planking. That occurence doesn’t need extra rules and laws written up to address it. There’s already a law or at least a scientific postulation called Darwinism or maybe you know it by its more common name: survival of the fittest.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger used to work out ’til he passed out, which is like one step beyond just puking. And look where it got him. Mr. Universe 22 years in a row. Best actor award 12 times. Rated top governor ever in the history of the United States, and a illicit relationship with a dumpy maid. This is the kind of man you need to draw inspiration from. Add this Plank Til You Puke T Shirt for more inspiration and you will be unstopable.

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Some people really are against planking. That’s stupid. Like being against clean air, babies, and Clyde Drexler. It’s not nonconformist, because that can be productive and useful. It’s more psycho or sociopath. And that’s not cool. Planking is an unalienable right and when you wear the Sorry for Planking T Shirt, you are standing up for this right. And that’s important.

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Abraham Plankin T Shirt

by on August 14, 2011

This is ridiculous and the connection between Plankin and Lincoln is feeble at best. Still, I think that’s probably why I like the Abraham Plankin T Shirt. It causes people that see it to pucker up and get confused and curl up into the safety of the few things they know to be rock-solid truth. The true beauty of this tee from Look At Me Shirts is that you imagine Honest Abe had a stiff posture and gait and would have possibly been the best planking practitioner in history.

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