Octopi T Shirt

by on January 24, 2011

I love this shirt. Great wordplay and math reference. What more could you possibly want? There is nothing else, which is why everyone who buys this shirt will feel an immediate and total completion. You will feel whole and evolved and almost like a god when you wear Octopi T Shirt.

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Little math wordplay sort of deal going on here. You, being a math wiz, no exactly what a tan line is. I, having dropped out of school in third grade am limited to double digit addition and single digit subtraction as the extent of my math knowledge. Thus, I’m going to do some Google searching to bring you the answer to the question that is on all the minds of the arithmetically challenged: what  the hell is a tan line?

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So, I created two fairly new categories to place my t shirt reviews in: science and math. Unfortunately, I know so little about both that I don’t even know which category to put this post in. Of course, I could do a little Internet research, and hope that within 16 seconds I figure out what it means before my attention fades. Thing is I don’t feel good about this Hey Baby What’s Your Sine  T Shirt. I mean, there are triangles and I know that geometry is involved, so I’m probably pretty safe putting the post in math, because, hold on to your seat, geometry is math.

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The Chou t shirt store specializes in original gamer and nerdy culture designs that will be right up your alley if you spend more than 72% of your time plugged into a game system or on a computer. They hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin (hey neighbor…I’m in Milwaukee!).

Under staff it says Daniel Chou, so I’m thinking we’re talking about a one-man operation or a very small operation, which I love to support, along with prodigious use of the word “apparel.” Some of the shirt concepts seem to be rehashes that I’ve seen before (ie: Canada America’s Hat and Camping is In-Tents), but there are enough original concepts to make a visit to Chou Store worth your while, especially if you take advantage of the Shirt of the Week that’s on super special — $10 at time of posting, which is a pretty sweet deal.

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Wordplay with math. It’s a super double bonus just for you, because you know that if you’re a math nerd, specializing in the geometry that this Without Geometry Life is Pointless T Shirt makes you swoon.

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This sort of balances out all the hate math gets in general. I know I hate math. Actually, I like to do simple math in my head…a lot. But, anything where you have to write stuff down and use formulas and remember equations, and how to divide fractions, and I’m out of my element and I hate it. So, it makes me feel like the world is a more balanced place when a shirt like this Dear Math I Love You Infinity T Shirt comes out.

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Very silly wordplay mixed with a bit of algebra angst. Man I was terrible at math. Actually, I’m alright adding numbers in my head, but college algebra was mind blowing. Think I scraped by with a C- and that was lucky. Guess I probably would have felt like a kindred spirit writing this letter to math, and probably would have repeated Dear math I’m Not a Therapist Solve Your Own Problems T Shirt during one of those horrible, stressful exams, had such a clever little ditty come to my head in my time in college.

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Hypotamoose Tshirt

by on December 26, 2008

hypotamoose-tshirtStraight from the wiki wiki whackopedia: A hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle.

Thus, a hypotamoose is the moose on the opposite of the right angle on the longest side of the right triangle. So, really the deal is whenever you mix moose and math you have a very high level piece of tshirt humor. What’s not to love about that marvelous combo.

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Little known disease outside of the mathematician world. Alcoholism mixed with deriving = mathaholderitivism. Very serious issue that comes with the pressures and making numbers make sense. Plus, you have all those socially inept geniuses with their noses in their numbers all day every day, and they don’t get out much and things becoming imbalanced and you see a lot of this.
Again not as well publicized as other much reported issues like botanists, alcohol and watching Jeopardy, or the agronomists with their whiskey and spelt flour and the like, but just as devastating for the friends and families.
Please spread the word. Help people help themselves. Buy and wear Never Drink and Derive tshirt.

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Pimp T shirt

by on October 20, 2008

Math is funny. Pimps are funny. Put ’em together and you have laughs to the hundreth power. There are two types of people worthy of wearing this perfectly awesome tshirt: real pimps and math wizzes. Then, I think you start a club and have a convention in a hotel ballroom in Schenectady, NY in September, where all the Pi mps gather, mingle, network and share war stories.

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This is so damn geeky I don’t even know what to say, except that whenever a dialog between pi and the imaginary unit can be captured for all to see, you have to share with the world.

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