Wordplay alert! Wordplay! Wordplay! It’s funny because it’s true. Algebra is always asking for the X. It’s good that this Dear Algebra Stop Asking Us to Find Your X T Shirt exists because algebra needs an intervention. Algebra is basing all his major decisions in life on the fact that his X, Lydia, is indeed coming back…that she’s just getting some space and the relationship will be back and better than ever very soon. Those looking from the outside in, know this is definitely not the case.

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I Love Apple Pi T Shirt

by on November 6, 2011

Nice wordplay image hijinx transitive pictograph verbalization right here. If you’re a true goofy Patriotic American, Apple Fanboy, math and/or science nerd, this I Love Apple Pi T Shirt is definitely for you. Apple Pie is one of the standby’s of being an old school patriot, along with mom, baseball, and actually preferring to have a rule of law, rather than the current oligarchical rule of money.

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Let’s go through this Things My Computer is Better At Than Me T Shirt. The computer is better at spelling, math, storing data, but you’re better at kickboxing. At least I hope you’re better than your computer at kickboxing, because if you weren’t either you have the most awesomest computer ever or you’re completely and utterly useless on a physical level.

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It’s becoming clear to me that math is a very important part of the lives of 67% of my readers. I suck at math, but I’m good at finding math shirts, so things work out in the end. If I knew anything about math, I would have made some clever pun right about there. We also have 90s movies and throwback 80s dancing in the hot stuff of the week mix.

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I’ll tell you what’s hot these days…science and math. No joke. The following shirts have received all kinds of interest this past week:

Wanted Dead & Alive Schrodinger’s Cat T Shirt

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Harry Potter T Shirts

For some reason Harry Potter T Shirts continue to hold strong as the hottest shit going in the t shirt world. Something about a final movie or something seems to be propelling it. Hate to put the same thing in here three weeks in a row, but numbers don’t lie.

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I’m not even going to pretend to define what these heavy duty math words mean: Derivatives and tangents, etc. But, let me tell you something. I know what they’re getting at. They’re talking about getting next to you baby. The curves. The closeness. The heat. Who knew math could be so seductive. If math gets your rocks off then strongly consider purchasing I’d Like to Be Your Derivative So I Could Be Tangent to Those Curves T Shirt.

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Well, apparently there’s another Harry Potter film headed our way July 15, so all of the HP shirts are super hot. People want the gear for opening night for sure. What would nerd culture be without Star Wars, math, and wordplay? Not much which is why the nerdiest of the recent nerd shirts is smokin’. Finally, let’s talk about the Game of  Thrones Save the Direwolves shirt…it’s got serious traction.

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Let me put it to you this way. This is mathematics and either you get it or you don’t. There’s some stuff about i2 = -1 = i is an imaginary number that only be defined by the property that its square is -1. Obviously.

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Got some meme action in terms of the nerd stuff. Got mathematics food wordplay with the pi as in delcious apple pie. And we have a little Star Wars reference. This Come to the Nerd Side We Have Pi T Shirt is a trifecta tee, which is very rare and should be treated with great care. Only the most confident people will have the courage to capture one of these fine garments and make it her own.

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It’s a math shirt! It’s been a while since we celebrated the finest of subjects. The manipulation of numbers. The perfection. Math. Math. Math. Of course, this is also a little word play with the title of the song It’s a Thin Line Between Love And Hate by The Persuaders and covered by everybody and their mama.
Anyway, you don’t often think about the combination of soul music and math, but it’s there. I’m telling you. It’s there. That’s why you need to get There’s a Fine Line Between Numerator and Denominator T Shirt.

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I think, unfortunately, that this shirt is probably true. People really do have trouble with fractions and math in general. After all, why would they think that Bernanke was doing the right thing by printing more and more money to get the US out of this economic hole. And, the thought that housing prices could go up for eternity. And, doing the personal finances math and thinking that you can afford a home with a monthly mortgage that is 110% of your monthly income.

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