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Hey, it’s coming down to this for a lot of people. The jobs keep disappearing. Nobody’s hiring. The bankers get richer and you’re stuck on unemployment, moving back into your parents basement. Now, you’re losing your self respect and things are starting to look a little dicey. What on earth are you going to do.

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Little play on words or wordplay as they say in the business. You see there’s this show called The Office, which is an American version of a popular British show. And, on that show, an actor by the name of Steve Carrell played a dude that used to say “That’s what she said,” after people would say stuff that could be twisted into a sexual meaning. For instance..

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“It’s a metaphor.”

“I get it.”

“But that really happened.”

Gotta love the Dodgeball and the Ben Stiller, especially with a fu manchu and a crotch pump. Good stuff. Plus, every time you wear this Grab the Bull by the Horns T Shirt (and it’s a foregone conclusion you’re getting it…right?) you will be motivated to grab hard for that elusive brass ring.

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I love t shirts that celebrate misheard lyrics. They’re always pretty funny. This one also skews toward adorable with those cuddling little bunnies doing the martial arts thing. Somebody you know will love this Every Bunny Was Kung Fu Fighting T Shirt. Wait, it’s not Christmas any more. Who cares about anybody else. You will like this tee from Look At Me Shirts and you will be comfortable and proud as you wear it.

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Kind of a cute shirt, unless you just ran over a Vietnam vet, who was helping an old lady cross the street. Then, the cuteness factor kind of wears off. But, if you’re managing your inebriation properly, and are not driving near those less fortunate, then you should wear this Oops I’m Drunk T Shirt proudly. In fact, stumble up to people, stare at them for a beat and a half, then point at the shirt. They’ll love it.

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I had a feeling Ol’ Dirty Bastard was talking about sushi. I tried not to listen to people that said he was talking about having sex without a condom, because that’s just too nasty for a song. Leave that kind of talk to the whorehouse, the alley ways, the guest bedroom, and the vestibule in the Sistine Chapel.

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A mashup of Carmen Miranda and a Storm Trooper. How cliche. Just kidding. This Storm Trooper Miranda T Shirt is spectacular. I mean you really can’t lose when a Storm Trooper from Star Wars is taken out of context and placed in other whacky positions, and having tons of colorful necklaces and a fruit basket on his head, makes this particular Storm Trooper funny and appealing.

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This is the way to treat a pedophile. Make t-shirts mocking and taunting him. This State Penn T Shirt is a beauty, the shower being a very nice extra touch, because he diddled kids that went to his football camp in the shower, and once he gets convicted, then he’ll be diddled in the shower in prison. Then, he’ll probably be killed, which is what needs to happen.

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Apparently, some squirrel ran across home plate during the Cardinals-Phillies series. The Cardinals happened to be down 0-2 in the series and down by 17 runs in the 9th inning in the “squirrel game,” but you could feel the momentum shift as the squirrel ran past the Phillies batter and into the stands. Amazing (I might have exagerrated slightly). That’s why if you’re a St. Louis Cardinals fan, you must own the Beware of the Rally Squirrel T Shirt.

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Ernest was a funny dude and he was always breaking the Fourth Wall and talking to the camera, and apparently the person he thought was watching or the camera operator’s name was Vern, because Ernest was always saying Know What I Mean Vern. That’s why you should get the Know What I Mean T Shirt, because it harkens back to the simpler times, where pure stupidity was good for a hearty laugh. And, Ernest P. Worrell was nothing if he wasn’t stupid.

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This is all meta and shit. You have a show that canned Charlie Sheen for being way too out of control, then he takes the whirlwind of mayhem that is his life super public, and let’s it all hang out. He has fights with the Two and a Half Men people about money, he takes more drugs, talks more lunatic bravado, and then bones two more porn stars. TV shows must go on, especially the highest grossing comedy on television (I may have made that up), so they killed off Charlie in the most violent vile train accident you can imagine. Pretty funny really. Not as funny as South Park killing off Chef, but pretty funny nonetheless.

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They say you can believe everything you read on the Internet, and this Quotes Found on the Internet Are Not Always Accurate T Shirt confirms that wisdom. Take everything you read with a big ass grain of salt. What does taking things with a grain of salt mean? I’d look it up on the Internet, but who’s to say the information I find is not bunk. Lordy, I’m in a bit of a predicament at this point. I’m trying to put together an information-packed post to entertain you, but I’m having a crisis of faith. I know longer trust the source material.

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