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Literature T Shirts: Strangely there are enough shirts that callout scenes from famous books to create a legit section on this site. Who knew this generation read? Or maybe this is the extent of it. They read t-shirts.

Busted Tees dipping their toes in the world of mashup. And it’s cool. H.P. Lovecraft + World of Warcraft = World of Lovecraft T Shirt. Get it? Go get it.

I didn’t really know Lovecraft had such a nerd following, but I guess if a dude is best known for weird fiction and a work called the Necronomicon,  and the Cthulhu Mythos was connected to him, then it’s pretty understandable. Pop culture loves H.P.

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Sure enough you have a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea reference right here. If you’re a fan of Jules Verne and his classic novel then this Kraken Full Steam Pale Ale T Shirt is a no brainer. If you’re a steam punk you probably also want to own this tee because it speaks to the time that you harken to. If you’re a fan of Pale Ales this shirt is also for you. Now, is there anybody left in the world not covered by those three groups. Doubtful.

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Ah…sometimes you have to celebrate the classic lines, and this certainly has stood the test of time. You see Sherlock Holmes, the man depicted on this No Shit Sherlock T Shirt, was a world-renowned fictional detective that could solve any British crime back in the 1800s (I have no idea when the narrative was actually set.) Wait, you may have heard of Sherlock Holmes because you have read some of the classics or maybe you have even seen the movie staring Robert Downey Jr.

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No one can really tell if this is Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, except for maybe the artist who conceived the design, but one thing is for certain. He isn’t happy and isn’t that the best state of this dude to capture for a t shirt. I think so, and that’s why I’m convinced that anybody that likes Alice in Wonderland should get this Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum T Shirt.

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You have to love Alice in Wonderland and further you must love the Mad Hatter. So, it stands to reason that you would love this Mad Hatter T Shirt with a fervor saved for energy drinks and free iPod games. Then there’s the thing of Johnny Deep, the dreamboat, playing the Mad Hatter in the Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland and you probably feel an unnatural compulsion to get this tee.

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Lovecraft and Cthulhu tea. I have no idea what this is about. I’m familiar with the author HP Lovecraft, but not so much that I would know this Dunwich Dunkel character. Still, I like this shirt just because it’s a little esoteric and it is a very pleasing design. But, because I’m a servant to my dear readership, I will also research for 15 seconds and figure out what the heck the Dunwich Dunkel H.P. Lovecraft T Shirt actually means.

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At first I thought we just had a huge Stephen King fan as a tee designer, then I discovered that this Stephen King Rules T Shirt was worn in the movie Monster Squad, which you can see very briefly in the trailer below.

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Zipperstein T Shirt

by on March 7, 2011

Can someone help me with this one. I know that Frankenstein dude. He’s a pretty classic monster, but the mashup combines him with Zipperface. Is that a shoutout to the obscure horror movie from 1992? Or is zipperface now just a Halloween makeup phenomenon? On this Zipperstein T Shirt, you have guy that’s got some male pattern baldness going on, along with a cigar and a cruel looking face. Frankenstein was never that cruel looking. He was just misunderstood. This dude looks like he just got out of the joint and is looking for some kind of action, including another self-mutilating session. Kind of creepy. Plus, check out that steam coming out of the unzipped skull. Yikes.

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This is just plain sad, but someone has to say it and someone has to wear the shirt to spread the news that zoos are just the saddest places on Earth if you really think about it. Animals pulled from their native habitats and placed in what essentially is a work cube. Yeah, zoos will say they saved some of these animals because they were injured or their natural habitat was being encroached upon. Or they’ll say that they are happy because they are mating and propagating the species. And, I have to admit, some of the exhibits are vastly superior to the cages that used to serve as viewing rooms for wild animals. But, still it’s sad looking at elephants waving their trunks back and forth in absolute boredom. Big beastie cats pacing back and forth wanting to eat every damn human  that comes to gawk.
So, this Zoo Where the Used to Be Wild Things Are T Shirt speaks truth and should be worn, so if you have any heart at all you’ll buy it and spread the news, and then maybe all zoos will be shut down. Of course, then these “domesticated beasts” will just die because their instincts have been blunted. Wow, I sort of feel like I’m talking about my life in my mom’s basement, but apparently I have a choice.

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Velociholmes T Shirt

by on January 15, 2011

Everybody thinks that back in the days of the dinosaurs everything was super primitive. No clothing. No humans (well, the Christians are starting to think dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth together, but I’m talking about thinking individuals). No vehicles. No condos. But, that’s wrong. Just like Atlantis was super advanced, dinosaurs like the one in this Velociholmes T Shirt were so sophisticated they figured out how to put on fashionable tweeds, harvest tobacco and smoke it in pipes, and solve crimes around the raptor community.

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Prose Before Hos T Shirt

by on December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas. This shirt is on sale today only for $11. Be real, you haven’t done enough shopping and consuming. Don’t take a break and sit around the fire and Christmas tree listening to Vince Guaraldi Trio. Pull out your card and buy this shirt.

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Gingerhead Man T Shirt

by on December 13, 2010

This Britishism has really caught on in the gool ol US of A I’ll tell ya. What after the Southpark where Cartman hates gingers, then thinks he becomes one, so that he then wants to exterminate all the non-gingers. And, then, the kid on Youtube saying he’s a ginger and pleading with the world to understand that ginger’s have souls.

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