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Internet T Shirts: Anything to do with social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and any other Internet related phenomenon that has been glorified on a t-shirt is here.

Internet Kill Switch

by on June 19, 2010

Apparently, Biden is spending way too much time on his fantasy baseball team and his Calla Lily fetish (don’t ask!), so Obama is considering developing an Internet Kill Switch, which will enable him to pull the plug on Joe’s activities as well as strategic swaths of online connectivity across the country. Apparently, it has something to do with National Security.

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Nothing attracts the opposite sex or the objects of your desire like confidence. And, this shirt, embodies complete confidence in self. You are telling everybody that walks by, “You like this.” You don’t even have a choice. You can’t even help yourself. You desire this package. It gets a little weird when you go to gramma’s for the Memorial Day family gathering, but Like can be morph into a less aggressive, less on the prowl sort of concept, so you shouldn’t have a problem in any context.

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Reallife Tshirt

by on May 17, 2010

Forget the Facebook for just a minute. Get off your chair. Stand up. Talk to somebody in your office, or in your house. Say “hi” to the barista at the coffee shop. Go outside. OK, I took that a little too far. I’ll take a couple of steps back.

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Jules Winnfield takes no shit. He reads to educate himself, and he has absolutely no time for all of this modern day Internet, social media, social networking nonsense. For him it’s all about the truth, and the truth is how you deal with a gun in your face.

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Talk about a status update. This is a rough way to find out how promiscuous your girlfriend is. In public for all of your other friends to see. Especially, when at least a dozen of those that have thumbed  up the sexy time with your girlfriend are (were) your buddies.

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skynet-tshirtThis is funny in a scary way, making the connection between the artificial intelligence (AI) in the Terminator series with Google and its mind-blowing power reach across the globe.

Wear this shirt and giggle at Google as it becomes SkyNet, controls everything in our lives, destroys our privacy…all while following the model “Don’t Be Evil.” Oh wait, the quietly let that drop and now more on a sliding evil scale where the ends justify the means. That’s cool.

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J_Creezy_tshirtBritney Spears ain’t got nothin’ on the J_Creezy. How many followers does Jesus Christ have on Twitter? 1 trillion. Britney only has 2 million. Obama 1.6 million. Chicken feed compared to J Creez, who just happens to bust out some of the dopest tweets in the business.

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kim-jong-il-facebook-tshirtKim Jong-il joined the axis of evil group on Facebook. It’s good to know. It’s good to keep daily tabs on friends and loved ones. Being a friend of Kim is always especially cool, because he drops little hints of his wild and cool life. Shark tanks, cinema directing, nuclear warhead tests, and attending important functions in drag.

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LMAO Tshirt

by on December 12, 2008

I’m Laughing My Ass Off at the acronym play on this shirt LMAO, plus it triggers some Mao lyrics in songs I like, such as…

“I saw Chairman Mao kissing Santa Claus”

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Absolutely. You have the naysayers that just don’t understand your brilliance. Then you have the image search that brings up mostly unflattering pics and, of course, the two embarrassing nude modeling shoots you agreed to do when you were young, stupid and broke.

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on-the-internet-im-a-15-year-old-girl-tshirtWhen it comes right down to it, you don’t know who’s on the other end of those crazy bits and bytes. In fact, I’m actually a cheetah and contrary to a common misconception, I don’t type in short fast bursts. I’m actually a hunt and peck keyboardist. I get it all the time: “You must be a middle-age uncle from Portugal…I can tell from your dialectic.”

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the-internet-is-for-lovers-teeIf you’re like me (and I’m sure you are) sometimes you get tired of all the random humor on these crazy tshirts these kids wear now-a-days. It’s about time we got back to some good ol’ homespun truths like The Internet is for Lovers.

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