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Internet T Shirts: Anything to do with social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and any other Internet related phenomenon that has been glorified on a t-shirt is here.

What is this 362,435,601 number. I mean I know what it is…362 million plus, but is that the population of the United States? I’m looking at Google and it says 307,006,550, but I guess that’s in the same ballpark. Facebook actually probably has a page like this with 100s of 1000s of likes, but I’ve already done enough Internet research for one shirt, so you’re going to have to find that one out on your own.

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Tumblr Japan T Shirt

by on March 26, 2011

Busted Tees is getting in on the relief effort in Japan by offering this Tumblr Japan T Shirt. At least I think that’s what it says in Japanese. Whatever the case it looks cool and it’s blue and it’s for a good cause. Japan was devasted by the 9.0 earthquake, the tsunami, and the resulting nuclear power plant breach. They need as much help as they can get. This way you get a great shirt to wear and you’re helping out. That’s what they call a win-win in the business and that’s the perfect state we’re always seeking.

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God damn this is a good song. It doesn’t beat around the bush. It doesn’t play coy. Sir Mix-A-Lot can not lie. He likes big butts. Baby Got Back. “I like ’em round and big.”

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Okay these are not t-shirts but they are incredibly ingenious. The Facebook like thing has infiltrated approximately 76% of every human being’s brain space. As much time as the average person spends on Facebook, their cerebral cortexes are trained to think in this particular binary manner, thus it is very appropriate to offer stamps that simply state what you think. I love this. At work we have accept and decline stamps for print jobs and I like to hold the appropriate one up as I am talking to people and have an opinion on what they’re saying. These are even better. Plus, if I own them, I start stamping all kinds of shit. Asshole manager gets a dislike right on his forehead. Hot ladies like right on the ass. Puppies like. Snakes dislike. Alarm clock dislike. Sleeping in late like – I guess I just stamp the pillow. Any music player playing a song with autotune – dislike. Anything playing a song that is on one of my 92 playlists on Rhapsody. Like. Windows 7. Like. Itunes. Dislike.

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Marc Maron WTF Cat T Shirt

by on December 23, 2010

I really enjoy Marc Maron and his WTF podcast. He gets all psychological with his own life for like 10 minutes, wondering why he fought with his girlfriend or why he has to eat all of the cheese cake he made the evening prior. Then, he brings on a comedian guest and tries to get to the bowels of the craft and to the guts of the person.

It’s fascinating stuff. He’s done interviews with some heavy hitters like Robin Williams, Judd Apatow, Zach Galifianakis, Ben Stiller, Dane Cook, Ken Jeong, Sarah Silverman, Carlos Mencia, Louis CK and Aziz Ansari, but also does a great job of getting a lot of interesting working comics in the mix. Folks like Janeane Garofalo, Patten Oswalt, Doug Benson, Jimmy Pardo, Stewart Lee, Mike Birbiglia, Dana Gould, Maria Bamford, Jackie Kashian and Paul Scheer.

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Well, not sure Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, would appreciate this statement but he’s too busy making personal appeals for donations to keep the online encyclopedia going that he probably won’t notice a little fun at his brain child’s expense.

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Meh T Shirt

by on November 29, 2010

The ultimate shirt of indifference. Wear this to the Christmas feast at your in-laws. Despite the family folklore, the sweet potato pie really isn’t as mind-blowingly spectacular as they say it is. And, Uncle Jimmy isn’t nearly as funny as people claim. It’s a big meh to them all. Now, sister-in-law Julie is a different story…she’s as beautiful as they all say she is. Wait, did I just type that out loud. Let’s stick with unimpressed Meh T Shirt and forget I said that other bit about the hot sister. Seriously. This could ruin my marriage, and I’m already in meh status with the Mrs.

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Suicide Map Marker T Shirt

by on November 26, 2010

I guess I’m just assuming it was a suicide as one of the cops is pointing up toward the building that is right next to the chalk outline of the dead person, along with a smattering of blood from the head region. Looks like a jumper to me, but maybe he was pushed. That really is secondary to the story of this Online Map Marker T Shirt. The real story is how Google maps and Mapquest have seeped seamlessly into our lives. We use them all the time. They now show images from the addresses and aerial views. I basically know more about what’s happening in my household looking at Google Maps than I do just hanging out in the house.

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What’s happening here is that someone is reading the shirt you’re wearing, so you’re tweeting that somebody is reading your shirt. Then they get a little cutesy and say Less than 10 seconds ago from life. So, basically, you have this subtly brilliant Twitter shirt that takes on all kinds of the issues that have bubbled to the surface since the micro blogging platform blew up. Like who gives a shit about the micro details of your life. And, maybe you should enjoy the moment rather than tweeting the moment and letting real life, yet again, slip from your grasp. Intriguing, eh?

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I for one will not to sleep until I know what Sergey and Larry are up to regarding their balls. Some say it’s a celebration of the company’s birthday. And, to quote a line quoted in a Beastie Boys song, B-Boys Makin’ with the Freak Freak: “Shit, if this is gonna be that kind of party, I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes.”

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Totally funny as long as you know the initialism, which, of course, I did not because I don’t waste my precious time posting snarky shit on obscure message boards. No, I write barely tolerable posts for an unvisited blog. Much cooler. Much cooler.

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Actually, I love it when senior citizens bust out of their comfort zone and try something new. Ivy Bean, 104, was Tweeting like nobody’s business and had 56,300 followers, until she passed away in her sleep last night. RIP Ivy Bean. Damn that’s a cool name. Not quite as amusing as Navy Bean would have been, and I’m sure her parents thought about that in 1905, but they went without the snarky humor.

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