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Internet T Shirts: Anything to do with social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and any other Internet related phenomenon that has been glorified on a t-shirt is here.

I like the flipped over “M” in the MTV logo. Well, I guess there’s an “F” in the place of the “V”, but you know where this WTF T Shirt is coming from and that’s all that matters. Actually, it reminds me of a classic animated show that aired on MTV and is making a comeback now: Beavis & Butthead. They worked at Burger World, which had an upside-down McDonald’s M on their signage, representing World.

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It’s always good to put absolute faith in anything that originates on the Internet. It’s the new frontier and it’s 100% trustworthy. Pop ups that say you’ve won the latest iPad. Emails that say you can get your share of $34 million from a Nigerian prince and add 6 inches to your penis. Or even date hot models and actresses in three easy steps. Seriously. Trust all of that stuff. And, trust me…this Trust Me I’m From the Internet T Shirt is awesome. You will be the coolest kid on your block if you own it, but only if you’re the first…or maybe the second.

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They say you can believe everything you read on the Internet, and this Quotes Found on the Internet Are Not Always Accurate T Shirt confirms that wisdom. Take everything you read with a big ass grain of salt. What does taking things with a grain of salt mean? I’d look it up on the Internet, but who’s to say the information I find is not bunk. Lordy, I’m in a bit of a predicament at this point. I’m trying to put together an information-packed post to entertain you, but I’m having a crisis of faith. I know longer trust the source material.

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I don’t even play Halo, but still greatly appreciate the multi-layered humor going on here. Let’s start with the sign. It’s a play on words between PWN and pawn shop. Master Chief obtains possession of the stuff because he PWNs you in the game, but he’s unloaded it at a profit at his pawn shop. Very nice. “Best selection of NOOB and lightly used equipment.” Excellent. The universal pawnbrokering symbol of three golden balls is also in there, but with a grenade and two types of guns.

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It’s becoming clear to me that math is a very important part of the lives of 67% of my readers. I suck at math, but I’m good at finding math shirts, so things work out in the end. If I knew anything about math, I would have made some clever pun right about there. We also have 90s movies and throwback 80s dancing in the hot stuff of the week mix.

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Meh T Shirt

by on August 25, 2011

If you really want to shout to the world that you are unimpressed, then you need to get this Meh T Shirt. People will see that and totally think to themselves, man that person thinks all the shit going down up in here is luke warm at best. Then, they’ll have a slight panic thinking it might be a comment about their personality, but they’ll get over that quickly when you give them all the loving they could possibly need on a Wednesday.

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Only 172.3 million people have seen the Party Rock Shuffling video by LMAO, so that’s not every man, woman and child on the planet but it’s damn close. Of course, about 14,000 people seem to have loaded up their own Shuffling video on Youtube, so basically this shuffling thing has taken over the Internet. It’s only right that Snorg Tees puts together a funny take on the meme, phenomenon, hotness, with this Playing Cards Everyday I’m Shuffling T Shirt.

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Harry Potter seems to have slightly loosened it’s death spell on the top visited page for the week slightly, leaving room for some other random stuff.

LMAO T Shirt

The LMAO shirt featuring Chairman Mao seems to have become a very popular shirt. Somehow it got picked up on Reddit, which send quite a few people to check that clever little ditty out.

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes.

I have a feeling this My Cat is On the Internet T Shirt is applicable to approximately 789 million people and this Earth we call home. Just about everybody that has a cat, features that cat in photos and videos on the Internet. Do you have a cat? Is it on the Internet? Don’t lie…you know it is. It’s a meme for God’s sake. My cat is on the Internet and I don’t even have a cat or access to the Internet.

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Use Twitter with abandon. That’s what this Tweet Like No One is Following T Shirt is saying. Right? It’s comparable to the advice: dance like no one is watching. Let it all hang out. Be yourself. This is the only way to use Twitter. Any other approach is half-assed and not worth the time.

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The Dem. from New York is in great shape and he likes to show it. What’s wrong with that? Oh wait, he’s a publicly elected official and to show that type of judgment in an uptight society is not good form and makes you question his overall judgment capabilities. Of course, does it really have anything to do with the way he makes political decisions. It’s an interesting question, but the guy should be ashamed. I actually think he may not be a total sellout in the political realm, like 96.9% of CONgress, so maybe it was a setup just like Eliot Spitzer.

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If you are a gamer, you probably use some 12-sided die and 6-sided die, and 9-sided die and I don’t even know what the hell else. But, I’m sure you’ve probably said “Meh” with a roll that wasn’t that great or suitable for your purposes. That’s with this Gamer Dice Meh T Shirt exists and is available to be purchased.

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