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Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
I love videos like this that go viral because someone is just being their funny-old-selves. This poor woman ran out the house when she thought she smelled a BBQ but realized it was a fire. She says a few things that are just downright funny because of her quirky personality. Her name is, “Sweet Brown.” That is her actual given name, Sweet Brown. Many people have made her commentary into a song and uploaded it to YouTube. She is an Internet sensation and has made some big money. The catch phrase that made her famous was, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That – I’ve got bronchitis.” She has been featured on radio, television and now she is doing music and TV with Will.I.Am and she gets, “paid.” She is also the co-host of “cheaters” along with Dick Clark’s son and has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel live. She’s killin’ it!

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