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Get This Shirt from LTDEX

You don’t even need to see all the other facial features of the dude on this design. What matters is the beard! Especially when it’s as long as this one. You know you have a masterpiece when the ends start to get curly.

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Get This Shirt from La Fraise

So easy and fun. Only $99 for the kit, which includes uranium. That’s a pretty great deal for what you get. And what quality family time you’ll have putting one of these together and thinking about how to deliver the bomb to your most hated neighbor or rival church family.

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Get This Shirt From Scared Panda

Hey, the Minnesota Vikings haven’t been relevant in football for a long time. Maybe they had a glimmer here and there but really they are going nowhere, so why not have some fun with the mascot and the colors and create a Walleye wearing the Viking helmet and blonde braids. If that’s not pure Minnesotan to its core, I don’t know what is.

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All Tees are $13 over at Tshirt Laundry in celebration of the finest holiday of the year. Take advantage now because this is a limited time deal. In fact, it expires 10/31/2012. It will be our Halloween nightmare if you miss out, because Tshirt Laundry has some great designs.

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Dirty Sanchez T Shirt

by on October 25, 2012

Get This Shirt From Free Dirt

I’m pretty shocked and ashamed that I have not done a Dirty Sanchez t-shirt here on Tshirt Groove. Can you even believe that. Thank God, I was reminded of this recently, as it was suggested I review this very fine Dirty Sanchez tee. Firstly, look at that moustache…spectacular. Secondly, look at that mustache that you flip from the inside of the shirt. You can pull that up to your face, and you totally look like you have a ‘stache. That, my friends, is awesome, and makes this tee one of the best in the world. Wait, I need to go look up Dirty Sanchez. I don’t know what that is.

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Get this Shirt from Venus Fallen

Neil Armstrong is arm wrestling an alien (or the moon in whom he’s just planted an American flag) in this design and that’s quite odd. In fact, it looks like he’s set up shop on the moon and has started a school of arm wrestling. Quite ambitious and industrious and it must have happened fast because he wasn’t up there that long (or was he…maybe he traversed through a wrinkle in time). Either way, I don’t doubt it because Neil was a man’s man, as you can see from the t-shirt, his bicep bursting out of his space shirt.

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Zombie Shark T Shirt

by on October 23, 2012

Get This Shirt From RadCakes

When the sharks start losing their eyeballs and you can see right through their skulls, you know you’re in the midst of the end of times. What do you do? I know what I’m doing. Gonna go to my dresser of drawers. Grab this shirt. Put it on. Then figure out what type of scary apocalyptic monstrosity took a bite out of the moon.

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Never Surrender T Shirt

by on October 18, 2012

Get This Shirt From RTW

If you wave a white flag, you surrender. If you wear a shirt with a white flag with the Rule The World (RTW) logo, then that’s the opposite of surrending, which is kicking ass. So, who you gonna be!

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If you’re into superheroes and it’s nearing Halloween then you’re probably in need of a super hero costume. Well, if that’s the case, and I know it is, then you better take Super Hero Stuff up on their 10% off offer, because they have an awesome selection of stuff that you need. Use CROW10 at checkout.

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Skull T Shirt

by on October 17, 2012

Get This Shirt From Wcky House

How about this for a spooky t-shirt? Some red-eyed freaks inside a sharp-toothed skull. A big bloodshot eyeball is being handled from within the skull. I think basically this is a statement against anti-biotics, because there are deadly viral strains evolving to overcome the anti-biotics and become unstoppable. So powerful, in fact, that they’ll consume you from the inside out.

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Get This Shirt From Madhouse Tees

Nice use of the iconic Major League Baseball logo colors right here. Dude’s gonna nail that fly. Isn’t it interesting to think about how fly swatters evolved. You know they started out as something solid like a rolled up magazine, then smart people figured out that flies are light and swooshing done with a solid object creates wind and just pushes them out of harms way. So, then they busted out the modern day swatter with the lightweight plastic with tons of holes so it cuts through the air faster. I’m sure the bendy nature of the plastic stuff is also intentional. Probably utilizes a natural whipping motion that kills flies dead even more accurately.

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Good Lord this is a great idea: pitting two submitted designs against each other. The t-shirt that sells the most in a week’s time is the winner and continues to be available. The shirt that loses is never sold on the site again. Great exposure for independent designers, who make it into the ring. And, a nice twist on the vote for a design to be printed model that some many sites are using.

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