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Petrified Panda T Shirt

by on February 3, 2013


Get This Shirt From Petrified Panda

This is like the flagship design from Petrified Panda, because, well, it’s a petrified panda. I like the theme they’re working with. You see all the cutesy animal stuff all over the Internet, so it’s about time a shirt shop focused on animals that are petrified, because, honestly, in this crazy food chain world there is a lot of scared animals mulling about.

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Ambitious Giraffe T Shirt

by on February 2, 2013


Get This Shirt from Fervor Clothing

This is spectacular. The THICK gold chain. The tie dye. The greenery. And the giraffe reaching for the stars. That giraffe has big dreams and he’s going for them, and you have to respect that because there’s a high degree of difficulty and a significant potential for failure. It takes some cojones to set a big goal, let the world know about it, and chase it.

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Get This Shirt From Limbo Remedy

I like this design. Not sure what the Deer of St. Huberts is but I like this full-racked deer with a cross sticking out of the top of its head. Where else have I seen that design? Wait, it’s booze…Jagermeister.

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Get this Shirt from Awesome Sports Logos

This is the logo of one of the teams in the Panamanian basketball league. My Spanish isn’t great but it seems to me that if you translate this shirt it says Giants of the Tomb of Death or some such thing. If that truly is what this means, that’s a pretty badass sports team name. Of course, you have to live up to that. You can’t go on 12 game losing streaks with petty bickering amongst players, coaches, and management.

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Get this Shirt from Wild Lemon Clothing

That is one wild skull and cross bones lemon with a tie dye background. Now, let me get this straight because I’m old enough to have seen the 70s first hand. Not the 60s but there were remnants of burnt out tie-dyed hippies still mulling about. What does tie dye signify to the youth of today. I’m guessing Wild Lemon Clothing has a finger on the pulse of the young people, and they’re offering this design up as a special spring break garment, so the tie dye probably represents inebriation and/or getting and wild fucking, because I think that’s probably exactly what it meant in the 60s.

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Get this Shirt From Arcane Projects Movie Tees

American Psycho! What a great little bit of cultural criticism…the 80s were vapid and hedonistic with no soul. The big players in the 80s were beyond morality, so the Bret Easton Ellis, the writer of the novel, the movie was based on, decided to take that bankruptcy of the spirit to its ultimate conclusion. Psychopathic mass murder.

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Solar System T Shirt

by on January 26, 2013


Get this Shirt From Sharing Machine

This is a snappy little design, which I like a great deal, accept for the part where the don’t recognize Pluto as a planet, because of the prevailing “scientific wisdom.” It sort of speaks to the randomness of the universe. Just one planet in the solar system can sustain life. The rest are too hot or too cold. Though, with all this crazy ass new technology they’re shooting into space they may find something on Mars.

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Get this Shirt From Sharing Machine

This one really speaks to me on a comedic level. Not sure why. The premise is solid. The beat is there. And most of the time when you say something about somebody’s face, it’s funny. Plus, I love skulls, so this is design is a huge winner.

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Get this Shirt From Sharing Machine

Great attitude right here. Say you’re on a boat at sea for like three months. If you get your hands on any kind of lemons you are super stoked because you have to go through dying a miserable death with scurvy. However, I welcome lemons on everyday occasions. I squeeze one in a glass of water every morning and chug. Good vitamin C, and it cleans out the kidneys.

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Get This Shirt from Sharing Machine

It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true. Creatives seem to get a rush of clarity at the last minute. Deadline pressure pushes the muse. Sort of debunks the whole theory of divine inspiration, unless, of course, God is a pissed off creative director or editor.

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Get this Shirt From Sharing Machine

I don’t know how appropriate this shirt is with its severe vulgarity, but no matter where you land on the prude-O-meter, you gotta love the juxtaposition of the old-timey alcohol barrels and jugs, and the modern day street language. Am I right?

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Boss Monkey T Shirt

by on January 24, 2013


Get this Tee From New Standard

This is a super cool monkey design. The use of yellow is spectacular. It starts with the obvious — banana and pencil — but then quickly throws some interesting twists. Yellow striped tie. Yellow edged watch. Yellow stapler. Yellow coffee cup.

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