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wifey-tshirtHey, nothing warms the heart like sitting in your office thinking about how the little missus is keeping the house in order, while you shake out the skills to pay the bills. Such an old fashioned dynamic that deserves at least a passing consideration.

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Lawn Chair Tshirt

by on January 11, 2009

lawn-chair-tshirtIt’s dead of winter. You have cabin fever. Your lips are cracked. Your walk needs shoveling. And the forecast calls for -30 wind chill all next week. What do you do?

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Mormons Love Me T Shirt

by on November 28, 2008

You are in a good place in life when you get to the point that you can honestly say Mormons Love Me. This spontaneous trips to Utah always end up more pleasant. The Mormon Tabernacle choir sounds better. Your holy underwear fits better. And, your polygamy advocacy group always gets the funding it needs to stay afloat for fighting the good fight.

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See this is funny because if you speak like this or even where the words on a shirt, you are basically admitting you’re a heathen, will not ascend to heaven during the second coming and will be spending some time on earth as the anti-Christ takes over during the Great Tribulation.

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20+ nuclear weapons tests on and around a little island in the Pacific. I call bullshit on that. I mean the bikini bathing suit was unveiled just prior to this mass radiation treatment. Talk about hardcore fundamental Christians wreaking the vengeance of the Lord on immodesty. Damn. I guess we’re lucky the fashion survived.

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Comma Sutra Tshirt

by on November 24, 2008

Sexy time here at Tshirt Groove. It’s the comma sutra where punctuation marks come to know each other in the biblical sense.

You have the six tried and true comma positions covered on this lovely and beautiful shirt. It is not dirty! Comma sex is not dirty and nothing to be ashamed of.

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There are some very festive gems at this site and now through Christmas you can get free shipping. Simply go through this shirt city free shipping link and the discount will automatically be applied to your shopping cart. Pretty cool.

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Superman Tshirt

by on August 21, 2008

superman-t-shirtNot sure why, but Superman tshirts make me laugh. Either you have someone who takes themselves way to seriously. Looks in the mirror and sees a lion and seriously believes that they are as close to Superman as any real person can be. And that makes me laugh, ‘cuz basically that dude needs to chill.

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It’s brutally honest and hits way too close to home, but truth spares no one. Plus, my mom reads my blog a lot…all the time…right Mom? Mom…?

Anyway, wear this and let all those electronic journal wankers tellin’ the cyber world about clippin’ their nails, eatin’ snap doodle pops and gettin’ all emotional about their latest Internet dating break up, that no one cares about their blog!

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If I’m not mistaken, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Scot Pollard and Ricky Davis all balled for St. Jude at one time or other, so you know the place is legit and justified in saying they have crazy game.

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Irish Yoga T Shirt

by on July 30, 2008

These guys are really limbering up, opening the shakras and getting to that zen state.

Celebrate a different state of mind. Evolve and find your higher self.

Molly McCrakken says get this Irish Yoga tee, because it’s high art and riotous and green.

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Insurgent Chicken TshirtThis chicken has obviously been brain washed. To think that there will be 40 virgin roosters waiting for her in paradise just seems ludicrous. From this angle the farmer doesn’t look like devil spawn, but you never know what evil lurks in the heart of man. This chicken may have every right to blow Mr. Farmer to bits. Who am I to judge? I wonder if the chicken has to, like, run real fast at the farmer and collide in order to trigger the explosive. The logistics, I’m sure, are pretty tricky.

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