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quien-es-mas-macho-tshirtObviously, when it comes right down to being a man, this is the most important question. Who has the best taste in salsa music? And, to ramp up the stakes and show your true skill, please wear one of those old time leather helmets like Clooney wore in that horrible movie I didn’t see.

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a-peanuts-demise-tshirtThat Planter’s peanut dude is pretty haughty. Jauntily twisting his cane in the breeze and tipping his top hat. An annoying anachronism. Spats, ascot and monocle. Got a little too proud and he let down his guard. Forgot, despite his white gloves and fancy shoes he could still meet with adversity.

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big-dead-bug-wasp-tshirtThe wasp is dead. Can’t say that I’m sad. I still remember the time down by the creek, when I brushed up against a bush, the wasp dropped down on my head and stung me. That was so damn painful, I’ve always wanted to kill every wasp and smash every nest I’ve seen.

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Screw Work T Shirt

by on February 21, 2009

screw-workYou know in this economy, I guess you gotta be thankful if you have work, but still when the bullshit piles up and nothing your boss asks you to do makes any sense, well, it’s time to screw work. It may very well be therapeutic to make this your tool around the house on the weekend tee, unless of course you have a mile-long honey do list, then well, maybe you should just where this shirt underneath your work close as a kind of inside “keep your sanity” joke.

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mail-pouch-building-tshirtFist pump and a hale and hearty hip hip to Milwaukee tee peddler,, for his ingenious idea of selling one used shirt a day.

Make this blog a regular destination on your world wide web stroll. You can find worn and washed tees (read: the most comfortable) for $7 plus $3 shipping.

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christian-bale-and-i-are-done-professionally-tshirtTMZ, that bastion of high brow entertainment, muckracking, sleazeball, investigative, fourth estate, gossip, right to know about every actor bowel movement, caught Christian Bale in a moment.

What can you say, the man is hard core. Think about American Psycho – buff and 80s crazy. Batman – even buffer and simmering just beneath the surface. Dude is method. Dude doesn’t fuck around. Dude starved himself to make The Machinist which was one pretty damn intense picture.

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volts-to-spare3Dr. Frankenstein tryin’ to get to the store for some margarita mix, ‘cuz he’s got a hot date coming over and all of a sudden the old jalopy (his unique monster building skillz ain’t paying the billz) ain’t starting. Damn!!!!

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brewdini-tshirtWhat a silly, silly tshirt and yet it appeals to me. I think it’s the guys outfit. Flowing scarf, crisp jacket, white blowse and an absolutely stunning top hat. Brewdini has it going on and his magic is strong. Plus, he takes his imbibing absolutely serious…you can see it in his grip.

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cupcake-multivitamin-tshirtThis is a funny tshirt. You want the well-rounded breakfast. It’s the first meal of the day. It sets the tone. It gets you set up to really power through a totally productive day. Plus, it’s totally tasty and quick, as long as you’re planning ahead and making the cupcakes in large batches.

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zombie-day-at-the-mall-tshirtIn this economy, you never know what’s going to happen when you hit the mall. It very well could be zombie day as half the retailers shut their doors and 75% of the visitors are unemployed and looking a little peaked.

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head-hoodsFirst, I know these aren’t tshirts, but they are funny and they are worn above the waist, so I figured meeting 2 out of 3 criteria for qualifying for a Tshirt Groove post was good enough in this select instance.

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practice-random-acts-of-awesome-tshirtWords to live by right here. If everybody took the time to live by this code, there would be no strife, no struggle and no modern R&B. Life would be…well…awesome.

Remind your friends and neighbors to take it to the next level, to not be calculated but to go with the flow by wearing the tshirt that says it all:

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